God’s Word for the New Year [Ascol] “An inerrant Bible that remains unread & unheeded is no better than one that is filled with errors…” + More [Kennicott]

0318_biblepadTom Ascol:

An inerrant Bible that remains unread & unheeded is no better than one that is filled with errors. In other words, what difference does it make if we have an inerrant, infallible Bible if we are unwilling to give ourselves to its study and cultivate a submissive obedience to it’s precepts and doctrines? I fear that the blessing of having God’s Word so readily accessible to us brings with it the great danger of taking it for granted. In fact, it seems that in much of the English speaking world, as the Bible has become more available it has also become increasingly neglected.


My fear is that we too often assume that we value the Bible primarily because we can consult it in a variety of ways with the click of a touch pad, launching of an app or by pulling a copy off of a shelf. But if our esteem for Scripture is measured by how much time and energy we invest in learning it, thinking about it, memorizing it and implementing its teachings in our lives then I wonder what the evidence would reveal about our true estimation of its worth.


As a new year dawns thoughts inevitably turn toward developing new patterns for our lives. If you have never read the Bible or have grow accustomed to neglecting it day in and day out, then the most important and eternally beneficial resolution that you could make in the new year it to commit to spending time regularly reading and learning it.


Here are 3 encouragements to help you read God’s Word in 2014.


1. Justin Taylor has provided a wonderful compilation of Bible reading plans and aids for reading the Bible in completion in 2014.

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Nick Kennicott:

Is it 2014 already? That didn’t take long! As you look ahead with anticipation, I hope you’re setting some reading goals to enrich your Christian life through the Scriptures and other Christian books. Tony Reinke very accurately explains, “Reading is a difficult pleasure because it requires discipline, diligence, and focus. But like in any pleasure, it is a pleasure that can be done for God’s glory.”  As someone who loves to read, I can admit that it’s not always easy, particularly in our day with so many other distractions clamoring for our attention. However, it’s essential to Christian growth and a discipline every one of us should seek to cultivate and grow in through the years. Don’t have time?

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