Gene Cook Jr. is back to podcasting as BJJ MO5E5 [AUDIO]

Throughout the years we have received questions asking about what happened to Gene Cook Jr. and his Internet radio show The Narrow Mind. Particularly after we interviewed him on episode #11 of our podcast:


We did get a little more Narrow Mind podcasts after the interviews but it quickly disappeared again.

We have just received word from him that he is back to podcasting (and more) over at Apparently he’s been pretty busy with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ):

bjjmoses2 bjjmoses3

When I asked him about this new podcast of his he responded:

bjjmosesThe audio podcast consists of two topics, “Grappling with the Mind” and “Grappling with the Soul”.

“Grappling with the Mind” has to do with challenging the Christian and the non-Christian in the area of thinking.

The “Grappling with the Soul” is more devotional content that is more designed to do what the Puritan’s called “heart work”.

There is also a video category “Grappling with the Body” but the videos are BJJ Techniques for senior athletes. It will all make sense after you listen to podcast #1.

Hope this gives you a clearer picture.

You may subscribe to the podcast via RSS, iTunes, or download the Android App.

[Sidenote]: That makes two folks, that we’ve featured on the site, that are into BJJ. The other being Voddie Baucham:

What you may not know about Voddie is that he is also a championship fighter who is training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With an gold medal at the Houston International Open, he now has his sights set on a Pan Am and possibly world championship. [via Founders]

Voddie Baucham BJJ