Friday Funny: ‘Twas the Sunday pre-Christmas: a cautionary tale [Jeremy Walker] + Audio Interview About This Poem

The poem begins:

purse gran

‘Twas the Sunday pre-Christmas, and all through the church,
On the laps of their parents the children did perch.
All sitting agog in great anticipation
Of the visiting preacher’s pre-sermon oration.


(For this was a place where the children receive
Their own little talk and then promptly they leave,
And the preacher is left with a half-congregation –
But that’s not my point in today’s proclamation.)


And so I began to compare and contrast
With an image I hoped would be sure to stick fast,
Between God and his goodness in giving his Son
And the myth of the Chubby and Red-Suited One.

Read the rest of this cautionary tale [7 min. readout]

Here is some background to this poem that we got when we interviewed Jeremy Walker about his newest book. Here is a five minute preview of Tuesday’s podcast:

Here are some of his other hymns and psalms.

I imagine this was the look on the kid’s faces when he told them Santa wasn’t real:


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