Free PDF/MOBI/EPUB: “A Baptist Catechism: For Personal & Family Devotion” [including the 1689, Catechism, Church Covenant + more]

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baptist catechism

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Pastor JD Hall & Family
Pastor JD Hall & Family

This material has been collected specifically for use among Reformation Montana churches, but it has been made available for all Baptists of life-faith.


  • Declaration of Reformation [by JD Hall]
  • London Baptist Confession of Faith [(1689) Slight Revisions by Charles Spurgeon]
  • Baptist Catechism [as presented by the Charleston Association, 1813]
  • Baptist Church Covenant [ an abridged version taken from “A Declaration of Faith” by J. Newton Brown (1853)]
  • A Modern Day Downgrade [by JD Hall] – a short treatise on why catechism is necessary for Reformation in our modern times.


JD Hall & James White
JD Hall & James White

“Western culture today seeks to cut itself free from burdensome things like truth, consistency, and commitment. The Baptist Catechism reminds us that there are truths worth living for, and dying for, that give life transcendent meaning and purpose.”

Dr. James White, Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, host of The Dividing Line and 2013 RefMT Conference Speaker

Ken Fryer

“Although this catechism is intended for Baptists of all varieties, as a Southern Baptist I find my Convention in the paradoxical position of affirming biblical inerrancy while many of its churches are doctrinally deficient. To assist the church in extricating herself from this less than God-honoring predicament, I highly recommend Pastor J.D. Hall’s book A Baptist Catechism for Personal and Family Devotion. Along with an open Bible, it will be a refreshment to your soul and serve as a vehicle to foster restoration in our churches.”

Ken Fryer 2nd Vice President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, serving at Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana

3 Replies to “Free PDF/MOBI/EPUB: “A Baptist Catechism: For Personal & Family Devotion” [including the 1689, Catechism, Church Covenant + more]”

  1. Thanks for sharing this resource. I’m not sure this is the text of the confession published by Spurgeon. It looks like an updated version to me.

    A nice resource to have on the iPad though.

    1. The 1689 is the one with slight revisions by Spurgeon… the Catechism (according to the inside of the document):

      The Baptist Catechism (as presented by the Charleston Association, 1813) In the year 1751, various churches united to form the first association in what would become the Southern Baptist Convention. Adopting the London Baptist Confession of faith, the churches in this association produced The Charleston Manual (1813) that included this catechism. It has been used since to describe the historic positions of our faith and as an accurate rendering of the teachings of Holy Scripture.1 Most of the questions contained in this catechism came from the Baptist Catechism as presented by the Charleston Association in 1813. If marked differently, the questions came from Instruction for the Ignorant (John Bunyan, marked IFI), A Catechism for Bible Teaching (John Broadus, marked CBT) or A Brief Catechism of Bible Doctrine (James P Boyce, marked BCBD) – all of which are historic Baptist catechisms.


      Where necessary, this catechism has been abridged and edited to conform to the teaching of Fellowship Baptist Church of Sidney (minimally altered) and to conform to modern grammatical styling.

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