‘Honey Out of the Rock’ by Thomas Wilcox [Free E-book]

honey-rockWe’ve featured snippets of this work before, posted that it has been recommended reading, and even featured audio about it (see parallel session 3), but today we are excited to let you know that you can download the work for free:

Download in EPUB or MOBI (Kindle) format.


Thomas Wilcox was born in August, 1621 at Lyndon, Rutland, and probably was well educated. He was a Particular Baptist elder of a small congregation, which met at his house in London before the Plague. In those days of persecution, he was known for moderation, and preached frequently among the Presbyterians and independents. He was imprisoned in Newgate more than once, and suffered much for the sake of Nonconformity. After 1665, he pastored a Particular Baptist church, whose meeting-house was a small wooden building in Three Cranes Alley, Tooley Street in the Borough of Southwark. He labored lovingly, with pen as well as tongue, until his death on May 17, 1687 at the age of 65, leaving a widow and three children.


Wilcox’s well-known tract, “A Choice Drop of Honey from the Rock Christ,” often reprinted, and also translated, was much used of God…

Some pithy quotes from the book collected @ Feileadh Mor:

Thomas Wilcox Sin Break Heart
“Let sin break your heart, but not your hope in the gospel.”

 “Apply what you will besides the blood of Christ, it will poison the sore.”


“All temptations, Satan’s advantages, and our complainings, are laid in self-righteousness, and self-excellency.”


“Whatever comes in when you go to God for acceptance, besides Christ, call it anti-Christ; bid it begone…”


“Christ alone did tread the winepress, and there was none with Him, Isa. 63:3″


“You complain much of yourself. Does your sin make you look more at Christ, less at yourself? That is right, or else complaining is but hypocrisy.”


“In all your temptations be not discouraged Jam1:2.Those surges may be not to break you but to heave you off yourself upon theRock Christ.”


“…Christ is our temple, sacrifice, altar, high priest, to whom none must come but sinners, and that without any offering, but His own blood once offered, Hebrews 7:27.”


“When you mourn for sin, if you do not see Christ then, away with it, Zech. 12:10.”

4 Replies to “‘Honey Out of the Rock’ by Thomas Wilcox [Free E-book]”

  1. You can also get a free hard copy sent to you from chapel library a ministry of mt. Zion bible church. It is great read!

  2. thank you; however; the Particular Baptists would reject your use of “Reformed” believing they were not a part of the Pagan, Puritan, Papal, or needed to learn from anyone what th weere but the scriptures alone. They were not trying tyo reform a church; also they were not too kind toward the 1689 which actually was a down graded view of Christ and th Trinity.

    1. You must know of some very different Particular Baptist than what we are talking about… read the into they wrote to the 1689 Confession. They went out of their way to show how they were connected to the Reformation and the Reformed. :)

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