FINAL UPDATE: A Request from The Confessing Baptist [Thanks for donating!]

UPDATE Sept. 25, 2014: Thanks to some extremely generous donors, we have met and far exceeded our fundraising goal for the SCRBPC trip. THANK YOU!

[Also, per reader/listener requests, we will be leaving up a donation button up on our contact page which will go towards site/podcast needs as they arise.]


your-attention-pleaseHi everyone, last week, we posted a request to our gracious & generous reader/listenership (aka y’all):

Attention, readers and listeners of The Confessing Baptist:


Your humble servants, the Confessors, are pursuing an opportunity to send one of us to this year’s Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors Conference in November. While there, we’ll be getting interviews with the speakers (Dr. Carl Trueman, Dr. Richard Barcellos, and Dr. James Renihan) as well as, hopefully, some attendees.


In order to make this possible, we need to raise approximately $350 to cover travel costs. As we’ve said before, The Confessing Baptist is a volunteer project, and, as such, has extremely limited funds. Our hope is that while $350 may be a significant chunk o’ change for a single tight budget, it may turn out to be a very light burden when shared among the many readers and listeners who have benefitted from this website.


We do not wish anyone to feel obligated to contribute, but in case there are any who are willing and able to help us meet part of the cost of this trip, you may do so through this link to our PayPal account. We will also be continuing to provide this feature on our Contact page. Thank you in advance for your assistance in our effort to spread Confessional Reformed Baptist resources to as many as possible!

UPDATE Sept. 19, 2014 : Y’all are awesome. Within 24 hours, we had received over half the funds necessary for the trip. Patrick (remember him?) will be the Confessor making the trip (all the way from the Eastern Shore of MD). BUT we still have a little farther to go, so we’ll keep this post up for a while longer. Thank you SO much to those who have contributed. We’re very close!

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