Expositional Preaching: What is it? Ryan Burton King Answers [4-Part Blog Series]

preachPastor Ryan Burton King posted his four part series on Expositional Preaching that was printed in the worship bulletin of Grace Baptist Church (Wood Green):

Preaching is vital to the church’s life and care should be taken with reference to context, time allotted, and biblical exegesis as to what should be preached and how. In any case, an expositional sermon draws its substance from God’s word, deals with the matters raised in a particular Scriptural text, and should consistently point to the message of the Saviour that undergirds all Scriptural texts…

Expositional preaching reads, explains, and applies the Scriptures in a way that is unrivalled by other styles of preaching. It requires attention as the preacher prepares then delivers the message drawn from the text, and as the people listen. It commands devotion, as people are driven to search the Scriptures more deeply and, if the messages are working consecutively through a book, drawn to meet again so as not miss the next segment. It demands a response, challenging head-thoughts, heart-feelings, and life-styles with the call to lay other things aside and seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness in Christ. That is why we preach expositionally.

Here is the series:

  1. Expositional preaching Part One: What is it?
  2. Expositional preaching Part Two: What it is not
  3. Expositional preaching Part Three: Why Preach Expositionally?
  4. Expositional Preaching Part Four: the Expositional Preacher

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