Exclusive Psalmody? W. J. Seaton Answers

W. J. Seaton:

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According to a recent report in one of our Evangelical publications, there appears to be an upsurge of interest amongst some Pastors and Churches south of the border, on the subject of “Exclusive Psalmody;” that is, the singing of “psalms only” in the public worship of the Church. As one who writes out of a setting where this practice is commonplace amongst many, may I urge such Pastors and Churches to, perhaps, think again, on the subject. That we should sing psalms in the public worship of the Church (inclusive psalmody) is beyond question, and if we fail to do that, then we are failing to do justice to the relevant passages of scripture which deal with the worship of the Church which the Lord has ordained. The singing of “psalms only,” however, (exclusive psalmody) is a different matter altogether, and should be appreciated as such. We have no doubt that some who are leaning in the direction of exclusive psalmody are doing so with a sincere heart, and with a conscience which they have developed along those lines; but we have a sneaking suspicion that with some it is simply that age-old desire to have something different. “Purity of Worship,” as our psalm-singing friends like to describe their position is, after all, a very attractive proposition, and who wouldn’t want to be part of that? This is by no means an extended article on the subject, but simply a few thoughts that some might like to consider before they abandon good old Isaac Watts and company!…

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W. Jack SeatonRev W. J. (‘Jack’) Seaton was pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church, Inverness for thirty-two years until his retirement in February 2002. Prior to that he was an evangelist with the Open Air Mission. He continues in Inverness as Pastor Emeritus.

He is the author of the Banner of Truth Trust’s booklet The Five Points of Calvinism, originally published in 1970, much reprinted.

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