Easter – Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing [J. Stephen Yuille]

Stephen Yuille @ Deus Pro Nobis writes:

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the blatantly obvious—even at Easter. Why do I say that? We’re easily sidetracked. To put it another way, we’re easily amused and distracted, meaning we often fill our lives with things that—while seemingly harmless—are detrimental if we don’t keep them in their proper place. I’m thinking about things like tweeting, blogging (not this blog, of course…), shopping, watching movies, playing sports, purchasing another gadget or gizmo, and the list goes on and on. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things unless, of course, they take the place of the main thing. Consider the following story (borrowed from another preacher):


On Monday, Alice bought a parrot. It didn’t talk, so the next day she returned to the pet store. “He needs a ladder,” she was told. She bought a ladder, but another day passed and the parrot still didn’t say a word. “How about a swing?” the clerk suggested. So Alice bought a swing; the next day, a mirror; the next day, a miniature plastic tree; the next day, a shiny parrot toy.


On Sunday morning, Alice was standing outside the pet store when it opened. She had the parrot cage in her hand and tears in her eyes. Her parrot was dead. “Did it ever say a word?” the store owner asked. “Yes,” Alice said through her sobs. “Right before he died, he looked at me and asked, ‘Don’t they sell any food at that pet store?’”


When we try to fill our lives with anything but the main thing (the gospel), we’re just like Alice’s bird—starving in a crowded cage. When the gospel is no longer at the center, we soon feel the effects in every facet of our lives—from the home to the church to the workplace and at all points in between. For this reason, we must constantly orient our lives around the gospel: the good news that God saves sinners from His wrath for His glory through Christ’s substitutionary death.

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