Dr. Fred Malone on ‘Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology’ Now Available Online [VIDEOS | CBTS]

CBTS Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

John Divito, Administrator at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary:

We are excited to announce the online release of our latest course at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary! Dr. Fred Malone’ class on Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology is now available on CBTS Pathway

reformed-baptist-covenant-theology- Fred Malone

In this course, Dr. Malone considers covenant theology in light of Scripture. He also looks at modern-day issues which affect covenantal Baptists and explores the implications of a robust Reformed Baptist Covenant Theology. You can watch a sample lecture on our website for a small taste of our time together.

Would you like to learn more about the Bible’s central teaching of the covenants? Join with Dr. Fred Malone as he teaches about this critical area of theological study.

Even if you are not a CBTS student, we would encourage you to register as an auditor for only $20 to benefit from Dr. Malones’ lectures. Or you could consider becoming a subscriber to CBTS Pathway for $9 a month, which gives you access to all of the videos for every course on this site.

For another teaser check out our podcast interview with Dr. Fred Malone on this topic led by Dr. Sam Waldron.

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