Does Modern Evangelism Differ from Biblical Evangelism? Jeff Pollard answers

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Jeff-PollardJeff Pollard:

[S]omething has happened to biblical evangelism. A great deal of today’s evangelism with its man-centered theology has dramatically changed the methods and sometimes even the authoritative message of biblical evangelism. To understand the difference between biblical and modern evangelism and to grasp why the difference is crucial, we must consider these things:

1. God designed and authorized biblical evangelism,

2. God has authorized only one message for evangelism,

3. God has given biblical principles for our methods of evangelism.

Read “How Modern Evangelism Might Differ from Biblical Evangelism”.

It is, as Scott Brown puts it:

“[A] transcript of a really good message given by Jeff Pollard titled during the White Unto Harvest ConferenceThe message is titled: ‘Modern Evangelism Methods.'”

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