Dispensationalism Roundup [Audio & Video + More via Al Martin, Barcellos, Renihan(s), Pink, Waldron, Borgman, Riddle]

Jason McIntyre provides “A couple of links and resources contra Dispensationalism“:

Dispensationalism chart

Dispensationalism: an Overview and Critique, A Peculiar Hermeneutic With Errors [74 min. audio] = An excellent, but short, overview by Pastor Al Martin. I like how Martin compares differing schools of Dispensationalism to different flavours of mustard carefully avoiding the term ‘hyper.’

Covenant Theology vs. Dispensationalism [1689Federalism.com 14 min. video feat. Richard Barcellos, James Renihan & Sam Renihan] = More specificially, Particular Baptist CT as expressed in the second London Baptist Confession of 1689. I’ve watched this video a few times and recommend it.

pink_cover_dispensationA Study of Dispensationalism [ebook] by A. W. Pink = I had my doubts about Dispensationalism long before I gave up the system for good and Pink’s work was helpful in pointing out some of the errors of this hermeneutic.

Some further links our Bapti-bots dug up:

3 mp3s from Brian Borgman’s “A Survey of Church History” series:

The Origins of Dispensationalism:


The Spread & Influence of Dispensationalism:


The Teaching of Dispensationalism:


Previous post we’ve done on this topic:

2013 Deep South Founders Conference: God’s Covenant Pre-Conference Debate:

On Thursday evening, January 17, 2013 (6:30 pm) Dr. Samuel E. Waldron and Dr. Elliott E. Johnson debated the topic of Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism in the chapel of the Reformed Theological seminary, Jackson MS. Dr. Johnson serves as Senior Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

2 Hour & 18 minute Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism [mp3]:

Sam Waldron Contra Barry Horner On “Racist” Hermeneutics & “Anti-Judaism”

a lengthy quote by Sam Waldron from The Reformed Baptist Theological Review 2009 (107-112): From Sam Waldron’s review of Barry Horner’s book Future Israel: Why Christians Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged

Harold Camping & the Rapture – Jeff Riddle [MP3]

Just about everyone now realizes the folly of Harold Camping in trying to set a date for the return of Christ. But in this May 23, 2011 episode of Pastor Jeff Riddle’s Word Magazine podcast, we see another problem with Camping’s eschatology: the secret rapture of the church.


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    1. Was actually just gonna highlight Jason McIntyre’s post then the Bapti-bots did a quick search via InoReader (The Reader I use for keeping up with 1689’rs) and wah-lah!

      Hope these resources help you cast off your dispy leanings ;P

  1. It’s not a difficult thing to distinguish between Covenant Theology and the classic and revised versions of Dispensationalism. However, while I feel like I’m grasping the distinctions between Covenant Theology in general and Progressive Dispensationalism, at times, it seems more blurry than maybe it should. Then you start asking yourself about the differences between our Particular Baptist brand of Covenant Theology and the Progressive Dispensationalist view, and there’s even more to distinguish. I’ve mostly heard Presbyterian Covenant theologians address this distinction, and I’m guessing we Baptists have some of the same things to say about it, but with some differences as well. Any recommendations on making the distinctions between our Baptist Covenant Theology and Progressive Dispensationalism for a non-seminary trained individual like myself? The 1689federalism site seems to be addressing only the classic or revised versions of Dispensationalism, which is what I have seen for the most part in my research online. I get that the progressive flavor is pretty new but hasn’t anyone from our camp addressed this?

    1. This may be because Progressive Dispensationalism still has an “under construction” sign hanging over it. If you were to read Pascal Denault’s book alongside Bock and Blaisings “Progressive Dispensationalism” then you’d have a pretty good picture of the distinctions thus far.

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