Did 17th Century Particular Baptists hold to the Covenant of Works? They (Coxe, Collins, Keach & more) Answer [Particular Voices]

Sam Renihan:

About 6 months ago I mentioned that I wanted to give a peppering of particular snippets from Particular Baptists who held to the covenant of works. The point of this peppering was to bolster the general assertion that the Particular Baptists held to the covenant of works and the specific assertion that the confession teaches this.


Below you will find numerous authors who endorse the covenant of works. This list primarily includes those who explicitly name and embrace the covenant of works. There are many other places where Adam is referred to as a “Public head” or we are said to have “fallen in him.” I included a few of those. Similarly, there are many places where the Mosaic covenant is said to be a covenant of works, which presupposes at the very least the category of a covenant of works. Most of these references have been left out (there are many). It is also worth noting that in such a polemical context: 1. I have never seen a paedobaptist accusing the Particular Baptists in any point related to the covenant of works, and 2. I have never seen a Particular Baptist reject the covenant of works or argue against a paedobaptist on that point.


Did the Particular Baptists hold to the covenant of works? Ask them.

At this point, I would say, Sam gives us a plethora of examples (from the likes of Hercules Collins, Nehemiah Coxe, Benjamin Keach, Samuel Richardson, Christopher Blackwood, Thomas Patient, John Bunyan, Thomas Collier, Edward Hutchinson, Thomas DeLaune, Philip Cary, Isaac Marlow, William Collins & more.)

Here is a sampling:

Nehemiah Coxe, A Discourse of the Covenants, 1681:


Hercules Collins, Believers Baptism From Heaven, 1691:
Hercules Collins, Believersbaptism from Heaven, 126Benjamin Keach, The Everlasting Covenant, 1693
Benjamin Keach, The Everlasting Covenant, 7


Approved by the Elders of the Baptized Churches, Most likely arranged by William Collins, The Baptist Catechism, 1695
Baptist Catechism Questions 15 and 19

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