2013 Deep South Founders Conference: God’s Covenant [Audio]

Sam Waldron

The sixth annual Deep South Founders Conference gathered under the banner of “God’s Covenant,” January 17-19, 2013 on the Reformed Theological Seminary Jackson, Mississippi campus. Our special guest, Dr. Sam Waldron brought three messages regarding covenant theology. Three other speakers, Dale Crawford, Chas Rowland, and Dewey Wise, filled the pulpit as we explored the biblical truth expressed in chapter seven of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith…

Conference Audio:

  • Whatever happened to the Covenant of Works? [mp3] – Dr. Sam Waldron
  • Should you believe in the Covenant of Grace? [mp3] – Dr. Sam Waldron
  • Are the Old and New Covenants really one and the same? [mp3] – Dr. Sam Waldron
  • The Requirement of Faith [mp3] – Dr. Chas Rowland
  • The Eternal Covenant Transaction Between The Father and The Son [mp3] – Pastor Dale Crawford
  • The Holy Spirit’s Influence On The Creature’s Will [mp3] – Dewey Wise

Pre-Conference Debate

On Thursday evening, January 17, 2013 (6:30 pm) Dr. Samuel E. Waldron and Dr. Elliott E. Johnson debated the topic of Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism in the chapel of the Reformed Theological seminary, Jackson MS. Dr. Johnson serves as Senior Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

  • Covenant Theology vs Dispensationalism [mp3]

4 Replies to “2013 Deep South Founders Conference: God’s Covenant [Audio]”

    1. I enjoyed your interaction here… when I had initially heard Waldon on this it all sounded spot on. It wasn’t until recently (reading through Denault’s book, which will be featured on the next two podcast) that I had a paradigm shift. By the end of chapter 2 I was getting offended that my covenant theology was being accused of being Presbyterian :D then came chapter 3… game over. I am still studying more and more but definitely leaning towards a promised/revealed view rather than a one cov many administration view. But that is just speaking for myself, another contributor here would lean with Waldron (if I understand him correctly).

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