Dec. Week 3 Headlines from the Dunker Bunker [Podcast]




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11 Replies to “Dec. Week 3 Headlines from the Dunker Bunker [Podcast]”

  1. Thanks for reading my poem! Jonathan has been doing a great job reading it!

    About the title, though….I hate to make another pronounciation comment (really I feel like a cranky old man, though you’ll have to trust I’m not, I’m just a plain vanilla old man), but technically “epitome” is pronounced “e (like a soft i sound)-pit-oh-me” :-) So, in other words, even though it contains “tome”, it does not contain the “tome” sound.

    If it makes you feel any better, I mess up pronounciation all the time, and spelling and grammar too, so you can easily get me back.

    Just think about it this way: The podcast that Mark loves, he chastens. And the scourging is usually pretty soft :-) So, Tullian’s Happy Hour podcast will not get any such feedback.

      1. Heh. That YouTube video is bunk. I like one of the comments on it “crikey. be serious and stop misleading people. a lot of young students depend on the web now for their homework and research stuff.

        Check out Merriam-Webbster, google pronounciation, Oxford Dictonary, The Free Dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary, Collins English Dictionary, etc.

        Even American dictionaries get it right :-)

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