[Book] Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive

Because of our last two podcast, we’ve mentioned a lot of Baptist Covenant Theology… but in case you haven’t heard there is another new book on Covenant Theology and Baptist history that is available from Solid Ground Christian Books. Covenant Theology: A Baptist Distinctive that was released in January 2013 and seeks to guide and guard the recent resurgence of Reformed theology from the errors that sometimes accompanies Covenant Theology.


Covenant Theology


Walter J. Chantry
Ken Fryer
Fred A. Malone
Kenneth Puls
Justin Taylor
Earl M. Blackburn


Editor’s Preface – Earl M. Blackburn

Foreword – Fred A. Malone

Chapter 1 – Covenant Theology Simplified – Earl M. Blackburn

Chapter 2 – Biblical Hermeneutics & Covenant Theology – Fred A. Malone

Chapter 3 – The Covenant: Of Works & Grace – Walter J. Chantry

Chapter 4 – The Imputation of Righteousness & Covenant Theology – Walter J. Chantry

Chapter 5 – Baptism & Covenant Theology – Walter J. Chantry

Appendix I – Was there a covenant of works? – Justin Taylor

Appendix II – Covenant Theology in Baptist Life – Ken Fryer

Appendix III – A Comparison Between the Old & New Covenants – Kenneth Puls


“Many works on the issue of covenantal theology can be thick and difficult. This work cuts through the fog, lays out the case, and argues persuasively that Baptists not only have a long history of dedication to biblical covenantalism, but that their commitment is fully consistent with their commitment to the authority of Scripture and particular Baptist distinctives related to the ordinances and ecclesiology. A welcomed and timely addition to the current literature on this important subject in a very readable form.” – James White, Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries

“In the 20th Century, a minimalist theological climate developed among Baptists. Fighting for the fundamentals of the faith tended to reduce the importance of detailed confessional statements making only a few core doctrines central to Baptist identity. This modest doctrinal focus was stoutly defended by noble men, but in reducing Christian theology to a few essentials, they opened the door for a new structural system ‘Dispensationalism’ to overwhelm the older covenantalism of the Baptist churches and Confessions. Only in the later decades of the century has there been an attempt to recover the framework that was lost. This book is a helpful addition to the growing body of literature that demonstrates the centrality of covenantalism to Baptist life and practice. It will be very useful to assist in the recovery of our understanding of the older and more Scriptural system.” – James M. Renihan; Dean, Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

“This volume gathers into one place a helpful collection of thoughts on an important subject by respected Baptist writers. Those who think that covenant theology is synonymous with paedobaptism will find that notion debunked by the chapters in this book. If you are looking for a good introduction to exegetical, theological, historical and pastoral arguments for a thoroughly Baptist understanding of covenant theology, read this book.” –Tom Ascol; Director of Founders Ministries & Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, FL

“The ‘Old Paths’ of Baptist Covenant Theology are clearly set forth in this book edited by Earl Blackburn. This is a book that pastors need to get into the hands of their people as an introduction to this foundational truth. The summary by Pastor Blackburn gives a good foundation, the chapter on the hermeneutics of Covenant Theology presented by Dr. Fred Malone is good and beneficial, and the three chapters by Pastor Walter Chantry on the Covenants of Works and Grace, Imputation and Baptism make for a complete introduction to Baptist Covenant Theology. We are in debt to these men for the giving us this worthwhile volume.” – Gordon Taylor; Coordinator for ARBCA, Carlisle, PA

You can purchase the book from Amazon here.

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