Continuing Education for Pastors: A New Program from the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies


Very exciting news from Dr. James Renihan from The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies at Westminster Seminary California in Escondido, CA:

With great hope for its usefulness, The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies has developed a Continuing Education Program for pastors or men being mentored by pastors. We have developed a curriculum that will deepen an understanding of Scripture and usefulness in the church. These are studies intended to help pastors and potential church leaders, taught by skilled men.

We believe that at this moment in the history of the church, there is a great need and a great opportunity. The need is for skilled men, the opportunity is the means to provide such training. This program is structured to do both. And likewise, there are two classes of men we may be able to help. Pastors must always be increasing in godliness and giftedness, and alongside of them, most churches will have men who have good and helpful gifts to aid them in their work. We hope that both pastors and their men will join our program.

The Scriptures teach us that ministers must actively cultivate their graces and gifts. They are not passive subjects, made into ministers by strikes of holy lightning. Rather, part of their task is to seek to identify and expand grace and gift in our lives…

But these courses are not just for pastors. They are for men identified by their pastors as potential servants in the church, encouraged to develop their skills for service in their assemblies. We hope that pastors will use these courses to help their men grow and develop.

Over the years, many pastors both of ARBCA churches as well as others have said that they wished they could profit from the courses offered at the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies. In July 2009, Pastor Ron Baines forwarded to the IRBS Trustees the results of the annual ARBCA Survey. Among the comments made concerning IRBS was this one: “Many men would like to see the creation of electronic and distance learning options for men already in the pastorate who might benefit from further training.” The Trustees and Dean of IRBS have been working to put together a response to these requests, and are pleased at last to announce the beginning of the IRBS Continuing Education program…

Not only will we make Dr. Renihan’s Escondido classes available, but we will also offer classes from a wide variety of highly qualified men. In total, we expect to have about 25 courses available. In the cases of the engineer and the Physician Assistant (and there are many more) the requirements may be met in a variety of ways, including participation in internet based learning experiences. For this reason, we will be offering these courses primarily through a secure website dedicated to this cause. The lectures will not be accessible to the general public, but only to those specifically registered to participate. Each course will include a minimum of 20 hours of lecture, some reading assignments, a project or paper, and an exam. Upon completion of all classes, IRBS will issue a certificate.

Our hope is to offer these courses:

  • Biblical Studies:
    • Principles of Bible Interpretation
    • The Pastor and his Greek Testament
    • Old Testament Biblical Theology
    • New Testament Biblical Theology
  • Systematic Theology:
    • Foundations of Christian Theology
    • Our Great and Glorious God
    • Christ the God-Man
    • The Ordo Salutis
    • Eschatology
    • Doctrine of the Church
    • Distinctives of RB Theology
    • Baptist Symbolics
  • Pastoral Theology:
    • Theology of Ministry
    • Preaching Christ from all of Scripture
    • Christian Missions
  • Church History:
    • Church History Survey
    • Puritanism in Context
    • Baptist History
  • Apologetics:
    • Science and Scripture
    • In Defense of the Faith

The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies Continuing Education Program has a wide selection of courses leading to a Certificate. Ranging from exegetical courses to systematic theology and from church history to pastoral theology, every course will be available in both video and audio format. Each is appropriately resourced to support learning and knowledge. Our program provides not only an ideal environment for continuing education, but also a superb opportunity to grow in usefulness.

Pastors, will you join us? And will you cultivate men in your church to study with us? And will you please pray that the Lord will bless our efforts to be an encouragement to men in the Gospel ministry. For further information contact or

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