Complementarianism “New” or “Old” – Thabiti Anyabwile

Thabiti Anyabwile, at his blog Pure Church, writes Speaking of Beautiful Things in a Beautiful Way: Complementarianism “New” or “Old”:

My friend Kevin DeYoung beat me to the “post” button with his question and concern on “New Wave Complementarianism.” Kevin is always thoughtful and helpful with a wonderful ability to take complex things and make them simple.

If you’ve read his post, you know that he responds to another post entitled “New Wave Complementarianism” written by Wendy Alsup. I don’t know Wendy personally but I’ve appreciated her courage and her insight over the couple years I’ve been reading her books and blog. In her post, Wendy (as I read her) attempts a framework for describing a phenomena she sees among many women who (a) love their Bibles, (b) are themselves unashamed complementarians, but (c) sometimes find themselves uncomfortable with what Alsup calls “old school complementarianism.” In reply, Kevin asks the question: “What was the old wave” of complementarianism?…

I’m excited for what could happen in this conversation. It could result in fresh and joyful wind filling the sails of complementarian practice. We could learn to speak and live this vision of our shared humanity in a way that makes God’s wisdom and creativity beautiful inside and outside the church to some measure. But for that to happen, we have to be careful to hear the “gist” of what conversation partners are saying….


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  1. Appreciated this article. The author links to Wendy Alsup and Hannah Anderson. Both writers are submissive to their own husbands and church leaders. They are not trying to destroy doctrine or appease egalitarians. They are adding image of God status to the conversation. Answering “yes” to Dorothy Sayre’s old question – Are women people?

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