“Can Christians Lose Their Salvation” James White vs Trent Horn Debate Online [VIDEOS]

Watch as Trent Horn of Catholic Answers and Dr. James R. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries debate the theology surrounding the topic: “Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?” This debate was moderated by Michael O’Fallon on January 18, 2017. Sovereign Alliance sponsored the event at the 2017 G3 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia with over 1,300 audience members in attendance.


Pastor Rob Ventura & his Wife discuss Race, the Gospel & Homeschooling [VIDEO]

Here is what the creator of the video (Suhylah Claudio) says about it:

“There’s no overarching title for the series of videos yet, but the focus is the same for all of them:

To share the varying perspectives on race, ethnicity, culture, and nationality from various ethnic backgrounds. The purpose is to dispel myths and stereotypes and expose points of view from those whom we may not feel are “like us” and ultimately to think about what Scripture says about these things. My goal is to help unite us as one race of Christians who are aware of the perceptions and experiences of one another so that we can be more sensitive and loving as brethren in Christ.”

30 minute video:

“Why Bother With Church?” Jeff Johnson Answers [6 min. VID]

Keith Throop, over at Reformed Baptist Blog, writes:

I also highly recommend Jeff’s book The Church: Why Bother? In fact, it is a good book to give to friends or other people in your church.

See also: The Church: Why Bother? by Jeff Johnson and episodes of the Confessing Baptist podcasts here and here.

When we first interviewed Pastor Jeff Johnson he also shared how he was saved from the brink of suicide. You can find that in the first podcast listed above. It is now in video form from the same interviewer in the video above:

Tom Ascol interviews Dr. Tom Nettles on beginnings of the SBC, New Calvinism + more [VIDEO]

Founders Ministries:

In this interview, Dr. Tom Ascol asks Dr. Tom Nettles about the beginnings of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Nettles, as a well-respected baptist historian, considers three things present at the founding of the Southern Baptist Convention worth recovering.

VIdeo [44 min.]:

For more, check out:

By His Grace and for His Glory:

A Historical Theological, and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life

by Thomas J. Nettles

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?

by Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

Paul Brewster on SBC History: GA Baptist Assocation & Sandy Creek

LiveStreaming Nov. 15-17: Reformed Baptist Network Founding Conference [FREE]

Reformed Baptist Network:

Join us beginning Tuesday, November 15th at 8:30 AM for the Livestream of the Historic Founding Conference of the Reformed Baptist Network



Conference Schedule:

Tuesday November 15
8:30 AM | Devotional – “Discipling the Nations Together” – Pastor Jon Hueni, Grace Fellowship Church, Bremen, Indiana
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | Key Note Address, “RBNet: Reasons, Focus, Vision” – Gordon Taylor RBNet Interim Coordinator
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Seating of Charter Member Churches/Recognition of Attendees
11:00 AM | Business Session 1 – Constituting of Reformed Baptist Network by Charter Member Churches
11:45 AM | Business Session 2 – Election of Committees/Adoption of Budget
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:30 PM | Business Meeting Session 3 (only if needed)
4:30 PM | Far East – Pastor Mark Hatfield, Beijing Baptist Church; Pastor Andy Dunkerton – Far East
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Importance of Fellowship and Cooperation Between Churches” – Pastor Mark Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., 9 Marks Ministries

Wednesday November 16
8:30 AM | Devotional – Pastor Gary Hendrix, Grace Reformed Baptist Church
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | Russia – Steve Graham; Honduras – Jeff Smith
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Europe – France, Pastor David Vaughn Église Réformée Baptiste d’Aix-en-Provence; Michael Emadi – Ireland
11:30 AM | Israel – Baruch Maoz; Church Reports & Prayer
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:15 PM | “Planting Truly Indigenous Churches in the 21st Century” – Pastor David Vaughn
4:30 PM | Latin America – David Adams, Director, POIEMA ministries, Pastor James Adams, Cornerstone Church; Chile;
Argentina – Pastor Jorge Molina
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Glory of God in Fulfilling the Great Commission” – Pastor Richard Phillips, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville SC.

Thursday November 17
8:30 AM | Devotional – Pastor Robert Briggs, Immanuel Baptist Church
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | World of Islam; Indonesia
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Nigeria – Pastor Nicholas Kennicott, Redeemer Baptist Church, Rincon GA; East India – Pastor Curt Arend, Grace Bible Church, San Diego CA
11:30 AM | Barbados – Pastor Jon Ryttersgaard, Covenant Baptist Church, Toronto; Atlanta – Bob Selph
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:30 PM | RBNet Committees Meet and Organize
4:30 PM | Argentina – Sam Masters, President Seminario Biblico William Carey; John Kortie – Native American Ministry
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Great Commission” – Pastor David Vaughn, Church Planter, Église Réformée Baptiste d’Aix-en-Provence, France

Sola Scriptura – Dr. James White [5-Part AUDIO / VIDEO Series]

sola scriptura prevPart 1: Dr. James White – “Went 135 minutes today (hence the “uber-mega” designation) covering two primary topics: sola scriptura defined and defended against a recent attack upon it by Karlo Broussard of Catholic Answers (first 90 minutes), and then a “live” review of a new video against the deity of Christ from a Muslim perspective (link). A lot of foundational, basic teaching today that we think is very, very important for all believers!”

Audio | Video:

Part 2:  Dr. James White – “We continued our series on sola scriptura today, looking at what sola scriptura is and is not. Touched on the issues raised by charismatic claims of “thus says the Lord” a bit as well. We really believe this is an important series, and hope our listeners will find it foundationally edifying.”

Audio | Video:

Part 3: Dr. James White – “Three topics on the program today; for the first 15 minutes or so a quick rejoinder to Jory Micah and her ‘El Shaddai means ‘one with many breasts’ tweet, then about half an hour in response to Spencer Toy’s article on crossexamined.org, ‘An Open Question for Presuppositionalists.’ Then we got back for the last 45 minutes to our study of sola scriptura. We are now able, in the next program, to finally start working through Karlo Broussard’s comments on Catholic Answers Live.”

Audio | Video:

Part 4: Dr. James White – “Aside from a few brief comments at the start about a few current events we focused pretty much fully on the sola scriptura series, finally getting to the clip from the debate with Mitch Pacwa and listening to a number of segments from the Catholic Answers Live show with Karlo Broussard. Important information!”

Audio | Video:

Part 5: Dr. James White – “I managed to resist the temptation to do the ‘politics talk’ and finished up the introduction to sola scriptura today in a 90 minute program focusing upon the final sections of Karlo Broussard’s arguments on Catholic Answers Live, and then discussing two more important aspects, ‘Apostolic Tradition’ in the early fathers as well as the issue of the canon. Not easy material to cover, but so very important!”

Audio | Video:

[via John Samson @ Reformation Theology]

17 Free VIDEOS of Sam Waldron’s Eschatology (Last Things) Course: A Comprehensive Historical & Theological Overview [CBTS]


Dr. Sam Waldron
Dr. Sam Waldron

As an amazing gift to the wider Body of Christ, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary are very kindly and generously making their entire 17 course lectures on eschatology available free of charge online. This course, taught by Dr. Sam Waldron, is outstanding, giving a comprehensive overview of the subject from both an historical and theological perspective. I recommend the series wholeheartedly and pray that God will use it to further the cause of His truth in the midst of much deception in our own day. – Pastor John Samson, King’s Church, Peoria, AZ

The first three lectures cover something of an historical overview of the Church concerning eschatology. This is a very helpful foundation for our understanding. To know that we are engaging in a conversation that has been going on for centuries, gives us a knowledge of the structure of the debate, setting the boundaries for what is and what is not to be regarded as ‘heresy’, as well as a right and appropriate sense of humility as we approach the Scriptures ourselves.


Lecture 1: Eschatology in the Early and Medieval Church | ST27 01

Lecture 2: Eschatology in the Early and Medieval Church (Continued)| ST27 02

Lecture 3: Eschatology in the Reformation and Modern Church (continued)  | ST27 03


Lecture 4: The Two Ages | ST27 04

Lecture 5: The Two Ages (Continued)  | ST27 05

Lecture 6: The General Judgment | ST27 06

Lecture 7: The Eschatological Kingdom | ST27 07

Lecture 8: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 08

Lecture 9: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 09

Lecture 10: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 10


Lecture 11: The Intermediate State | ST27 11

Lecture 12: Sheol, Hades, and Hell | ST27 12

Lecture 13: The Earthly Prospects & Church/Israel Distinction | ST27 13

Lecture 14: The Imminent Return / Pre-Tribulationism | ST27 14

Lecture 15: Hyper-Preterism | ST27 15

Lecture 16: The Final Change & The Eternal State—The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment | ST27 16

Lecture 17: The Doctrine of the Redeemed Earth | ST27 17

Dr. Tom Nettles on Spurgeon’s Approach to a Bible Passage [VIDEO]

Dr. Tom Nettles
Dr. Tom Nettles

Back in 2014 Thomas Nettles gave two messages at the London Metropolitan Tabernacle on how the great preacher Charles Spurgeon approached Scripture. Here they are:

While Spurgeon’s sermons constitute the largest set of volumes by any author in the English language, and have attracted more readers than the sermons of any other preacher, it is evident that most of them could never have been composed using the system of expounding being promoted today. Spurgeon’s traditional approach to the Word will surely enliven greatly our own quest for the Spirit’s intended message.

[via Credo Blog]

VIDEO Q&A & Interviews from 2015 SoCal RB Pastors Conf. now online

Though the 2016 Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference main session audio and video have already been posted, the Q&A and some interviews from the occasion were posted earlier today.

SCRBPC 2015 Panel Q&A - YouTube
SCRBPC ’15 Video Playlist

James Dolezal – Q&A [25 min. vid]:


Panel Q&A feat. James Dolezal, James Renihan, Ron Baines, and Sam Renihan [55 min. vid.]:

Sam Renihan interview about his books on Divine Impassibility [14 min. vid.]:

Interview with Dr. James Dolezal [16 min. vid.]:

SoCal RB Pastor’s Conf. ’16 preview with the next speaker, Stefan Lindblad [15 min. vid.]:

Since we didn’t post the 2015 conference audio and video yet, allow us to do that now:

SCRBPC 2015 on SermonAudio

  1. Lecture 1: Foundation of all our Communion with God and Comfortable Dependence… Dr. James M. Renihan
  2. Lecture 2: The State of Theology Proper in Calvinistic Evangelicalism James Dolezal
  3. Lecture 3: Divine Simplicity – The Theological Grammar of Orthodoxy James Dolezal
  4. Lecture 4: Divine Simplicity and its Modern Detractors James Dolezal
  5. Lecture 5: Divine Eternity James Dolezal
  6. Lecture 6: The Trinity James Dolezal

SCRBPC 2015 on Youtube

Click playlist button in top left corner to see all the videos, including interviews.

Short VIDEO Interviews on Reformed Baptist Academic Press [Past & Future Books]

Some new, short video interviews have shown up today. They cover the past, present and future of Reformed Baptist Academic Press [RBAP]:

History of RBAP:

Dr. Barcellos gives us a history of RBAP and where it all began. [3 min. vid.]:

Recovering a Covenantal Heritage [3 min. vid.]:

The Making of JIRBS:

Dr. Barcellos and RobRoy explain the process of the making of the Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptists [5 min. vid.]

Future Projects:

Dr. Barcellos gives us a sneak peak of what is to come in the next few years. [4 min. vid.]

Here is a preview of the first book (Faith and Life for Baptist: The Documents of the London Particular Baptist General Assemblies, 1689-1694) mentioned in the above video:

Faith and Life Jacket