June 23-26, 2017 “Building Tomorrow’s Church” Young Adults Conf. feat. Blackburn, J. Giarrizzo, S. Renihan in Flagstaff, AZ.


It seems that the practice of good churchmanship has fallen by the wayside in modern times. Even within the resurgence of “New Calvinism” of the past decade of so, where there has been a growing recognition of God’s sovereignty in salvation, many have observed that ecclesiology, or the doctrine of the church, has not received the attention it deserves and is therefore not well understood by many young believers.

Since its inception in 2008, BTC has sought to encourage the up-and-coming generation of believers—specifically Reformed Baptists—in their commitment to Christ as demonstrated in part by their commitment to the local church. Promoting the biblical doctrine of the church has always been at the center of BTC’s purpose.

10 years later we are still seeking to reach the next generation of confessional church members with an emphasis on glorifying Christ through service to His Bride. To reaffirm our desire to see young people involved in their local churches and churches built up as a result, the theme of BTC 2017 centers on the importance of the visible church in every generation since it was established by Christ over 2,000 years ago.

The 10th annual Building Tomorrow’s Church conference will be held in Flagstaff, Arizona, June 23-26, on the campus of Northern Arizona University.

We are excited to welcome for the first time three keynote speakers, including Pastor John Giarrizzo from Grace Covenant Church in Gilbert, AZ, Pastor Samuel Renihan from Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in Southern California, and Pastor Earl Blackburn from Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA.

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April 11-12, 2017 “Church Leader’s Conference” feat. James Renihan in Singapore

Theme: Building Tomorrow’s Church

When our Lord Jesus ascended into heaven, He gave a command to His disciples to preach the gospel throughout the world and organize those who believe the gospel into churches where they will be taught all the things Jesus Himself instructed them. Jesus was thinking of the future and the spread of the gospel for at least the next 2000 years.

As we consider the theme, Building Tomorrow’s Church, we must think about Jesus words. What has the church been like over these 2000 years ? What instructions did Jesus give? How should we follow them,? We will think about such subject as the nature and purpose of the church, the preparation of leaders for tomorrow’s church, and the growth of tomorrow’s church. May the Lord bless our time together !

Dr. James Renihan

Dr James Renihan
Professor of Historical Theology
The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies
Westminster Seminary California, USA

11 – 12 April 2017

Shalom Church, 8 New Industrial Road
#03-01, LHK 3, Singapore 536200

$100 (Standard) / $80* (Early Bird Registration – Before 31 Mar 2017)

Opens: 1 Jan 2017
Closes: 8 April 2017


Mar. 11, 2017 “Confessional Piety” Doctrine & Devotion Conf. feat. J. Renihan & Thorn in St. Charles, IL.

Doctrine and Devotion’s first conference is happening on March 11th, 2017 in the western suburbs of Chicago. This one day event will focus on the use of confessions in the life of the Christian and the local church as it relates to faith and godliness.


  • “Why Confessions?” – Dr. Jim Renihan
  • “Confessions and Scripture” – Dr. Jim Renihan
  • “Why The 1689 Confession?” – Dr. Jim Renihan
  • “The Christian Who Confesses” – Joe Thorn
  • Q&A – Renihan + Thorn


Feb. 28-Mar. 1 “Wittenberg Door” Midwest Regional Founders feat. Haykin + more in Fenton, MO.

The Midwest Regional Founders Conference will gather on February 28-March 1, at the First Baptist Church, Fenton, Missouri. Dr. Michael Haykin is our main speaker as we apply the lessons learned at the Wittenberg door almost 500 years ago to today churches. Other speakers include Dr. John Greever, Dr. Joshua Wilson, Terry Coker, and Dr. Curtis McClain.

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Jan. 26-28, 2017 Deep South Founders Conf. “Justification [1689]” feat. James White, Blackburn + more @ Laurel, MS.

Dr. James White

The 10th Annual Deep South Founders Conference will gather in Laurel MS on January 26-28, 2017. Our main speaker, James White will focus on the Doctrine of Justification. A pre-conference event, on Thursday evening, will cover the topic, “What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam.” Other speakers will be Earl Blackburn, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana, Joe Nesom, pastor of First Baptist Church Jackson, Louisiana, and Charley Holmes, president of The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary.

The registration fee is $40 before January 1. Late Registration, after January 1, will be $60. Scholarships are available upon request. Seminary students may attend free of charge.

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Mar. 14-15, 2017 “Protestant Reformation: Past – Present – Future” feat. Nichols, Borgman, & Gonzales in Grand Rapids, MI

Grace Immanuel Reformed Baptist Church and the Reformed Baptist Seminary will be hosting a conference to commemorate the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. If you are a pastor of a local church, ministerial aspirant, RBS student, or RBS graduate, we would like to invite you to attend. Dr. Robert Gonzales, Dr. Brian Borgman, and Pastor Greg Nichols will be speaking on how the great truths recovered during the Reformation are relevant for the present and the future. Don’t miss it!

To register, click on the link below and then click on “Registration Form.” Special note: To check if housing and transportation is available (to and from the airport, and to and from the conference) call Rosey Nolan (GIRBC secretary) at 616-742-1137 or email her at office@girbc.org.

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Jan. 18, 2017 “Can Christians Lose Their Salvation” James White vs Trent Horn Debate in Atlanta, GA

Alpha & Omega Ministries:

The material principle of the Reformation was sola fide, justification by faith alone in Christ alone to the glory of God alone. But the Reformed tradition likewise affirmed that since salvation was an act of God focused upon the elect, performed by the Son in obedience to the Father, as a divine act it cannot be reversed. That is, salvation cannot be lost, for to say otherwise is to say Christ can fail to do the will of the Father.

The Roman Catholic Church has historically affirmed the ability of the justified to lose the grace of justification through the commission of mortal sins. Few topics focus the attention more upon the grounds of salvation than the question, can it be lost in those who once are truly saved? This will be the focus of our debate.

Join us for a thorough debate with Dr. James White and Trent Horn as we openly discuss the issues surrounding this highly debated issue.

Ticket Price:  $7.00 (by 12/18/16), $10.00 (after 12/18/16)
Registration Deadline: Online registration will close on 1/13/17
Parking: Online registration will close on 1/13/17$10.00 per vehicle

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Jan 28, 2017 Florida Pastor’s Fraternal feat. Dr. Tom Nettles

Reformed Baptist Network:

Dr. Tom Nettles

Greetings in Christ,

Providence Baptist Church will be hosting our 3rd Annual Florida Pastor’s Fraternal scheduled for January 28th,2017. Our speaker is Dr. Tom Nettles.

Our Brother will be speaking on the topics of:

1. “Defining my Ministry in Terms of Baptist Identity”
2. “The Devotional Element of Sermon Preparation.”

We will begin at 9:00 am and conclude with a lunch. As in past years, we will again have a book give away for all pastors who pre-register. (No cost, just RSVP.)

That weekend, Dr. Nettles will also be preaching our Winter Bible Conference on the theme: A Biblical search for Christian Assurance – [Thematic passage: Romans 8:12-17] – Details to be posted on our web site as we get closer.

Christ’s Servants,
Pastor Marty Hoffman & Steve Watson
Providence Baptist Church
Lecanto, FL

Feb 13-27, 2017 “Medieval Church History” Module [RBS] feat. Dr. Haykin + more in Sacramento, CA


Reformed Baptist Seminary:

Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin will provide an overview of the theological and literary history of the medieval church era, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders and writers of this period. Dr. K. Scott Oliphint will serve as a guest lecturer and will focus on the epistemology and theological method of Thomas Aquinas, one of the most prominent medieval scholars. The lectures will serve as a part of the curriculum for RBS’s course HT 512 Medieval Church.

Immanuel Baptist Church of Sacramento will host the module. A lecture schedule is available here. The course syllabus is forthcoming. To register for the module click the button below.


Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary’s New Website, Events & Publications

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary:

Check out our new Website! No, it’s not chock full of fun activities for the kids, but we think you will like the new look. Whether you want to see our latest blog post, browse our course offerings, watch a free sample lecture or learn more about our Church Partnership Program, it’s all here and easy to access.



Events & Speaking Schedule:

Dr. Tom Nettles
Dr. Tom Nettles

Dr. Tom Nettles will be instructing for us January 2-6. Join us as one of today’s foremost Baptist historians teaches the History and Doctrine of the Baptists.

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Dr. Sam Waldron
Dr. Sam Waldron

Dr. Sam Waldron

November 20, 2016
Cornerstone Bible Fellowship,
North Ridgeville, OH

February 5,12 & 19, 2017
Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Carlisle, PA

March 3-5, 2017
Grace Covenant Church
Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Fred Malone
Dr. Fred Malone

Dr. Fred Malone

January 5-7, 2017
Young Adult Winter Retreat
Heritage Baptist Church,
Shreveport, LA

Dr. Richard Barcellos
Dr. Richard Barcellos

Dr. Richard Barcellos

January 30-31, 2017
ARBCA School of Church Planting
Ontario, CA


Dr. Sam Waldron

Just Released:
The Lord’s Day, Its Presuppositions, Proofs, Precedents, and Practice
Chapel Library

Modern Exposition of 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, 5th edition
Evangelical Press

The Regulative Principle of Worship: Contemporary Objections
Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies 2016

Dr. Fred Malone

Founders Study Guide Commentary, Romans 9-16
Founders Press

Dr. Richard Barcellos

The Christian Ministry in the Church, Its Reasons, Duration and Goal, and Practical Effects
Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies 2016

Getting the Garden Wrong: A Critique of New Covenant Theology on the Covenant of Works and the Sabbath,
Founders Press

The Doxological Trajectory of Scripture: God Getting Glory for Himself through what He does in His Son – An Exegetical and Theological Case Study
Reformed Baptist Academic Press
A Practical Exposition of An Orthodox Catechism (Vol. I, Of Man’s Misery and Of Man’s Redemption)

Reformed Baptist Academic Press

LiveStreaming Nov. 15-17: Reformed Baptist Network Founding Conference [FREE]

Reformed Baptist Network:

Join us beginning Tuesday, November 15th at 8:30 AM for the Livestream of the Historic Founding Conference of the Reformed Baptist Network



Conference Schedule:

Tuesday November 15
8:30 AM | Devotional – “Discipling the Nations Together” – Pastor Jon Hueni, Grace Fellowship Church, Bremen, Indiana
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | Key Note Address, “RBNet: Reasons, Focus, Vision” – Gordon Taylor RBNet Interim Coordinator
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Seating of Charter Member Churches/Recognition of Attendees
11:00 AM | Business Session 1 – Constituting of Reformed Baptist Network by Charter Member Churches
11:45 AM | Business Session 2 – Election of Committees/Adoption of Budget
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:30 PM | Business Meeting Session 3 (only if needed)
4:30 PM | Far East – Pastor Mark Hatfield, Beijing Baptist Church; Pastor Andy Dunkerton – Far East
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Importance of Fellowship and Cooperation Between Churches” – Pastor Mark Dever, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., 9 Marks Ministries

Wednesday November 16
8:30 AM | Devotional – Pastor Gary Hendrix, Grace Reformed Baptist Church
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | Russia – Steve Graham; Honduras – Jeff Smith
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Europe – France, Pastor David Vaughn Église Réformée Baptiste d’Aix-en-Provence; Michael Emadi – Ireland
11:30 AM | Israel – Baruch Maoz; Church Reports & Prayer
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:15 PM | “Planting Truly Indigenous Churches in the 21st Century” – Pastor David Vaughn
4:30 PM | Latin America – David Adams, Director, POIEMA ministries, Pastor James Adams, Cornerstone Church; Chile;
Argentina – Pastor Jorge Molina
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Glory of God in Fulfilling the Great Commission” – Pastor Richard Phillips, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville SC.

Thursday November 17
8:30 AM | Devotional – Pastor Robert Briggs, Immanuel Baptist Church
9:00 AM | Prayer
9:15 AM | World of Islam; Indonesia
10:00 AM | Break
10:30 AM | Nigeria – Pastor Nicholas Kennicott, Redeemer Baptist Church, Rincon GA; East India – Pastor Curt Arend, Grace Bible Church, San Diego CA
11:30 AM | Barbados – Pastor Jon Ryttersgaard, Covenant Baptist Church, Toronto; Atlanta – Bob Selph
12:30 PM | Lunch
1:30 PM | RBNet Committees Meet and Organize
4:30 PM | Argentina – Sam Masters, President Seminario Biblico William Carey; John Kortie – Native American Ministry
5:30 PM | Dinner
7:00 PM | “The Great Commission” – Pastor David Vaughn, Church Planter, Église Réformée Baptiste d’Aix-en-Provence, France

Oct. 24-25, 2016 SoCal RB Pastors Conf. “Of God’s Decree” feat. S. Lindblad, Hodgins & Barcellos in La Mirada, CA


SCRBPC Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors ConferenceThe purpose of the SCRBPC is for the edification of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors and other interested men who are in the ministry or training for the ministry. The SCRBPC will function within the theological framework of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith (2nd LCF) and The Baptist Catechism (BC).


Monday, October 24 – Tuesday, October 25, 2016






Stefan Linblad
Stefan T. Linblad

Key-note speaker:

Drs. Stefan T. Lindblad, B.A. in History and Classics from Seattle Pacific University, M.Div. from Westminster Seminary California and the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, and Ph.D. candidate in Systematic and Historical Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Guest speakers:

Pastor Arden Hodgins, Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada, CA
Pastor Richard C. Barcellos, Ph.D., Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA

Schedule, registration, and more…

Report of the 1st Module of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador & upcoming 2nd class starts Nov. 21, 2016 [CBTS]

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary:

Pastor Francisco Orozco

July 25-29 we had the first class of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador (SBCE), with the backing of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. The first module was on “The Doctrine of the Word of God,” and was taught by Pastor Francisco Orozco from Chihuahua, Mexico .

The class took place in a camp owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, which is located in the Ecuadorian coast in a small city named Manglaralto. We had 56 students in attendance, the majority of them were pastors of churches and men involved in the ministry of the Word, but from different denominational contexts.

The class had a great impact due to the great truths of the Word of God that were expounded by Pastor Orozco, many of these truths had never been thoroughly studied by some of these pastors before. Among many questions and “battles of the heart” we were able to perceive the great disposition of the heart of these pastors, including some with many years of pastoral experience, who were taught that the Word of God should be their guide in the work of the ministry, and they came to desire that this would be a reality in their ministries.

The week ended full of joy and gratitude to the Lord. Each student returned to his home desiring to put into practice what he had learned, but also with the commitment to set aside time to attend the second class, which will be held November 21-25, and will be taught by Pastor Guillermo Gomez from Bogota, Colombia.

We ask you to pray for our students, the professors, and the whole organization of the Confessional Baptist Seminary of Ecuador, that God would be glorified in everything we do.

Soli Deo Gloria,
Pastor Jorge A. Rodriguez V.
Director SBCE


Nov. 4-5, 2016 “Ecclesiology & Mission” Acts 29 Conf. feat. J. Renihan, J. White, J. Thorn in Wellington, New Zealand


We cannot take mission seriously unless we take ecclesiology seriously. The two are inseperable. Because God’s strategy for the Great Commission is the Church, having a robust understanding of the doctrine of the Church is vital for faithfulness in mission. This year’s National New Zealand Acts 29 conference seeks to cultivate exactly that – a biblically faithful, historically informed and contextually sensitive understanding of ecclesiology. Join us as James White, Joe Thorn and Jim Renihan consider doctrine, history, apologetics and mission under the rubric of ecclesiology.

For more info check out the website.