Can music be evil or worldly? Ken Puls answers

Ken Puls:

Ken Puls

You may have read books or watched videos that teach on music and warn against various styles of music, pointing to their association with things that are ungodly. Those discussions about music can be both helpful and at times misleading. They are helpful in that—

  1. They make us aware that we should be concerned about the music we hear.
  2. They expose some very real issues of sin and abuse of music to promote evil.
    But they can be misleading in that—

They tend to pick on just 1 or 2 styles of music (Rock, Pop), and give the rest a pass.

  1. They often misidentify the problem.
  2. Let me give you some guidelines for thinking about music as it relates to sin…

Read “Can music be evil or worldly?” which is an excerpt from the study “What Then Shall We Sing?” Read more from Part 1: Thoughts on Music.

Masculinity & the Priority of Love [Jeremy Walker]

Jeremy Walker:

If you were asked to identify the primary quality which defines a true man of God in his specific relation to a true woman of God – distinctively within the marriage relationship – what one-word answer might you give? What if the opposite question were asked: what single quality ought to characterise a woman of God in relation to her husband in particular?husbands

…the distinctive feature of masculinity in this relation to femininity is love. Leadership or headship may be implied, but the focus of the apostle is on the motive and nature of the husband’s relation to his wife. This love is neither physical lust nor romantic delight, and neither one can or will supply a lack of intelligent and principled love.

Pastor Jeremy Walker
Pastor Jeremy Walker

Let me briefly spell out several things about this love. Note first its character, for it is Christlike. As such, it must be principled, realistic, intelligent , sweet and – ultimately – sacrificial. Its great pattern is Christ’s coming for and dying for his church. This is not a matter of occasional spectacular demonstrations, though it may include them. It is not a notional knight in shining armour who, fortunately for the husband, never actually needs to make an appearance. It is to labour for the good of your wife regardless of the cost to yourself, a daily death of a thousand cuts to male selfishness and laziness.

Read “Masculinity and the Priority of Love”

The 1689 Baptist Confession on the Role of Civil Government [Tom Hicks]


Pastor Tom Hicks
Pastor Tom Hicks

Historically, American Calvinistic Baptists have been fairly unified on their understanding of the role of civil government. They expressed their views in various confessions but the the Second London Baptist Confession was their mother confession. In Chapter 24, Of the Civil Magistrate, it provides the historic Calvinistic Baptist understanding of the role of civil government. It reads:


Paragraph 1. God, the supreme Lord and King of all the world, has ordained civil magistrates to be under him, over the people, for his own glory and the public good; and to this end has armed them with the power of the sword, for defence and encouragement of them that do good, and for the punishment of evil doers.1
1 Rom. 13:1-4

1689 gift editionParagraph 2. It is lawful for Christians to accept and execute the office of a magistrate when called thereunto; in the management whereof, as they ought especially to maintain justice and peace,2 according to the wholesome laws of each kingdom and commonwealth, so for that end they may lawfully now, under the New Testament, wage war upon just and necessary occasions.3
2 2 Sam. 23:3; Ps. 82:3,4
3 Luke 3:14

Paragraph 3. Civil magistrates being set up by God for the ends aforesaid; subjection, in all lawful things commanded by them, ought to be yielded by us in the Lord, not only for wrath, but for conscience’ sake;4 and we ought to make supplications and prayers for kings and all that are in authority, that under them we may live a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty.5
4 Rom. 13:5-7; 1 Pet. 2:17
5 1 Tim. 2:1,2

This chapter is divided into 3 sections. Paragraph 1 is on God’s ordination of the civil magistrate. Paragraph 2 is about Christians who hold the office of civil magistrate. Paragraph 3 is about how Christians should submit to the civil magistrate. We’ll look at these one at a time…

Pastor Tom Hicks goes on to explain each of these paragraphs.

Debating Calvinism & Biblical Resistance to Tyrants [John Samson | AUDIO]


Apologia Radio:

Pastor John Samson

We are joined on this broadcast by our good friend, John Samson ( We talk about God’s sovereignty in salvation [39 min. mark] and we are even joined by someone who was challenging Reformed Theology on Jeff’s social media. Jeff invited him to discuss his challenges to Calvinism on air before our audience rather than in Facebook chat boxes. He called. We are excited for you to hear it.

We also talk about […] Kim Davis [at the 19 min. mark]

AUDIO [82 min. MP3]:

Lessons from KY County Clerk Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience [Stever Nutter | AUDIO]

We do like to post opinion pieces regarding cultural issues from Reformed Baptist pastors here, but it is not often there is a sermon that fits this criteria.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis


Pastor Steve Nutter
Pastor Steve Nutter

Such was the case in a sermon titled “The Christian and the State: Lessons from KY County Clerk Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience” given by Pastor Steve Nutter of Providence Reformed Baptist Church
Minneapolis, MN.

During the sermon the pastor mentioned that good Christian men will disagree on some of these things and that this may raise more questions than it answers, but either way I think this will challenge, edify, and give us much to meditate on as we live as Citizens of Heaven while on this Earth.

AUDIO [61 min. mp3]:


  • The Important Matter of Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Posed
    • The occastion of her civil disobedience
      • Her convictions leading to her civil disobedience
        • Her convictions stated
        • Her convictions scrutinized
          • What was right
          • What was wrong
  • Larger questions suggested by Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Presented
    • The question of one’s conscience allowing this civil disobedience
    • The question of one’s conscience leading them to civil disobedience
  • A Biblical Response to Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience
    • Texts that address the subject of civil (dis)obedience
      • Clear statements addressing civil obedience
        • Pro. 24:21-22
        • Mat. 22:17-21
          • Mat. 17:24-27
        • Romans 13:1-7
        • 1 Peter 2:13-17
      • Texts that permit qualified civil disobedience
        • Acts 4:19-20
        • Acts 5:27-29
      • Deductions from these text
      • Illustrations from Biblical History of legitimate civil disobedience
    • Answering two objections to these deductions
    • Concluding Principles from Kim Davis’ Civil Disobedience Applied

Mark Driscoll, Tullian Tchividjian, & Reformed Baptist Polity [Tom Chantry]

Tullian Driscoll

Pastor Tom Chantry encourages us to draw out the right lesson from Driscoll and Tchividjian controversy:

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

…What we [Reformed Baptists] have, then, is a distinct system from Presbyterianism, but one which, like Presbyterianism, endeavors to pay heed to the biblical principles by which all churches must be governed, namely: 1) the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ over the church, 2) the careful application of the authority and power he grants the church through orderly processes, 3) a mutual and prayerful respect between the officers and members of every congregation, and 4) a similarly mutual and prayerful respect between like-minded congregations which serve under the same Head. It is, in other words, a serious polity worthy of serious Christians.

But will it preserve us from a badly mishandled scandal? No, not if we trust in polity alone. Forgive my transgression of theological categories, but right polity cannot save ex opere operato! To avoid scandal, or rather to handle it rightly when it comes, we need grace from on high. For this reason our polity must be pursued carefully and prayerfully by upright and humble men. Otherwise it will fail. We may wish to say that such terrible scandals as Driscoll and Tchividjian have perpetrated could never happen under our polity, but as our Presbyterian friends have discovered, they might! In fact, brothers, I would say that they have, only not so publicly…

The reason, however, is probably not polity. It is far more likely that the problem lies within our hearts. Maybe we do have one of those polities which, to expropriate Adams’ words, is “better fitted for being well administered than others.” Very well, but let us heed Pope also, and administer it well and faithfully.

Read “Mark Driscoll, Tullian Tchividjian, and Reformed Baptist Polity”.

An Open Letter to the Abortive Mother [Tom Chantry]

Pastor Tom Chantry:

babyTo the Abortive Mother:

I’m sure that you, like everyone else in America, recognizes that we may well be in the midst of a sea change on the issue of abortion. A few years ago, when Kermit Gosnell (a rather typical inner city abortionist) was tried and sentenced, the true nature of the abortion industry began to leak out. Now, due to the stunning revelations of the Center for Medical Progress, the truth is front and center. In spite of the desire of the media to shield you and the rest of us from the truth, in spite of two entertaining primary races, and in spite of a dust-up at congress within the President’s party, there is still a great deal of light shining on the behind-the-scenes activities of Planned Parenthood. Both sides are quick to sing the party line, but I’ve been wondering how to talk to you.

Many in America have attempted to ignore the ugly details, but you, of all people, cannot afford to do that. One of the terrible revelations of the last few weeks has been that Planned Parenthood regularly misleads those who come into their clinics. You may have been told a story about curing cancer, and even if you refused to donate “tissue” the remains of your baby may have been taken and sold. It turns out no one was concerned with your dignity and privacy, and that the comforting words were all a façade. You, of all of us, need to look this scandal squarely in the face and acknowledge what has been done to you.

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

That is because in one sense you are among the victims of the cruel corporation which receives half a billion dollars of our state and federal funds every year in order to perpetrate this monstrosity on us. But in another sense, and I know I am telling you something you already recognize, most of you are not really victims. You were not pinned down by a secret criminal enterprise and forced to “donate” specimens; instead you, a person with free will and a conscience, chose this path. That is the real reason it is so difficult to know how to address you.

Now I understand that “abortive mother” is a diverse group. For starters, there are about 58,000,000 of you. You could hardly fit into one simple category. A few of you believe you did a good thing. Others have doubts, even if you put on a brave face to the world. Others have deep regrets. Some are depressed, some convicted. Some have come to have peace with what you now believe was a very poor decision. Some of you are my sisters in Christ – saved for exactly the same reason as myself: because Jesus saves sinners like me whose souls are home to unspeakable evil and who sometimes act on it.

I understand this diversity, and so I ask your patience: hear me out. I may not appear to speak to where you are – and how can I hope to do so for so many people? But what I have to say applies, I believe, to every one of you.

Read more…

“The Gay Revolution” roundtable on recent SCOTUS ruling on “gay marriage” feat. James White + more [AUDIO | VIDEO]


Apologia Radio:

Please watch and share this very important film with Dr. James White (, Dr. Michael Brown (, and Jeff Durbin ( These well-known and respected Pastors, Christian Apologists, and radio show hosts have a vitally important discussion about the recent United States Supreme Court ruling about gay “marriage”. This roundtable discussion engages with this important social issue and the gay revolution in the context of the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

What are the historical roots of the gay revolution? What happened at Stonewall? What is the loving and faithful response of a biblical church? How do we reach out and resist in a way that glorifies God and shows compassion and commitment to our neighbors? What are the arguments against proponents of this ruling? How do we answer challenges against the Christian position?…

86 min. vid:


Round Table on Racism & the Gospel [AUDIO | 3 Reformed Baptist Podcasts]

racism and the gospel copyCovenant Legacy Podcast writes on this joint episode:

Eric Ayala and Nathan Barber [Covenant Legacy Podcast] are joined by Michael J. Griffin Jr. of the Black Reformed Baptist Podcast and LA Jones of The Particular Guys Podcast for a frank and open discussion about racism.

How should the current state of racism be understood and how does the Gospel speak to the situation? This round table cuts past both the hype and the ignorance regarding racism to help form a Biblical Christian understanding.

Listen to Round Table – Racism and the Gospel [54 min. mp3]:

Dr. Mohler & Libertarianism [Reformed Libertarian Podcast] PodcastIn this June 19 episode of The Reformed Libertarian Podcast, host CJay Engel graciously responds to some very negative comments about libertarianism made by Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Of particular interest to The Confessing Baptist readers & listeners is the question of whether or not libertarian theory is necessarily based on atheism, idolatry, and objectivism (e.g. Ayn Rand), as Dr. Mohler claims. Download, listen, and subscribe! –Patrick

Source: Ep. 2 Dr. Mohler and Libertarianism | Reformed Libertarian

2 chapter excerpts “A Way in the World” & “Respect the Authorities” from Jeremy Walker’s “Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness”

Chapter seven, “Respect the Authorities”, from Pastor Jeremy Walker’s book Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness,  is now online. He explains:

Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness
Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness [podcast interview]
It was recently my privilege to have published a new book with the title,Passing Through: Pilgrim Life in the Wilderness. The fundamental premise of the work is that the church needs to recover its pilgrim identity, and from that work out its pilgrim activity, cultivating simultaneously a holy separation from and a holy engagement with the world around us. In the book, I try to offer not only a way of understanding that identity and activity, but also to offer ten pilgrim principles for kingdom life in a fallen world. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but it is meant to be a relevant and enduring one.

The seventh chapter is entitled, “Respect the Authorities.” It seems particularly pertinent in the light of recent events. With the permission of the publishers, I am going to reproduce, over the next few days, that chapter. The outline is the same as for each such chapter: a brief introduction, an assessment of the scriptural framework, a section of summary thoughts, and a series of specific counsels. Please bear in mind that the chapter is slightly out of context as given here. Other chapters in the book also bring appropriate counsels for the present time – chapters that help us to understand the environment, know the enemy, fight the battles, pursue the mission, relieve the suffering, appreciate the beauty, anticipate the destiny, cultivate the identity, and serve the King…

Pastor Jeremy Walker
Pastor Jeremy Walker

Here is the outline of the chapter with links to read it online:

You can also find chapter one excerpts below:

Reflections on the Death of America: The Christian Seeks an Abiding City [Tom Chantry | AUDIO]

Pr. Tom Chantry doesn’t usually post his own sermons on his blog but Monday we were treated to a good dose of his preaching, and it is definitely a good listen. Check it out here [38 min. mp3]:

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

The letter to the Hebrews was written to Christian people whose earthly nation was crumbling and on the brink of collapse. It was intended to soothe their souls with the supremacy of the changeless Christ over every institution of this world. It offers great encouragement to all believers who discover that their nations and their homes are no “abiding city,” reminding us that we are on our desert pilgrimage to Zion.

While you’re listening you should subscribe to the sermon feed for Christ Reformed Baptist Church.

Is Gay Now the New Black? Voddie Baucham Answers [4 Min. VIDEO]

Desiring God:

Voddie Baucham exposes the similarities between the Civil Rights Movement and the so-called Gay Rights Movement, while pointing out the significant difference between ethnicity and sexual orientation.

4 min. vid:

Transcript [lightly edited]:

What is the difference between the Civil Rights Movement and the so-called Gay Rights Movement of today? Not a whole lot. Unfortunately, I think there are some things that we accepted philosophically in the Civil Rights Movement that were not based in biblical truth. And those things are being applied in the Gay Rights Movement the exact same way and now we are calling them out.

For example, the idea of seeing people as constituencies and seeing rights as rights for constituencies of people is prominent in both movements. This continued division based on our constituencies and so-called communities is problematic. We’ve embraced a hyphenated understanding of ourselves as opposed to a view that sees us as one people.

The homosexual community is latching onto some of those very concepts. These concepts, by the way, are rooted and grounded in cultural Marxism. That was the goal of Gramscian Marxism. Divide people up into constituencies, and then the way you gain power is by making promises and representing particular constituencies. Now you never give them what you promise, but by creating this idea of constituencies and being the one who is the representative of the constituencies, you gain power and you keep your power to the degree that things don’t get better for your constituency. If things get better for your constituency, you lose your power.

So even when gains are made, you have to downplay those and go looking for other things that are problems. That is the way you keep your power.

The homosexual community has latched onto that approach and has identified itself as a constituency deserving of our attention and pity. They did so intentionally using the AIDS crisis. The direct result is they now have achieved a one-to-one correlation that we are finding it very hard to move away from.

So are there differences between ethnicity and so-called sexual orientation? Absolutely there are. Ethnicity is innate and unchangeable. So-called sexual orientation is not innate and is changeable. We know this. First Corinthians 6 is two-thousand-year-old evidence that people can stop being gay. So we know that it is neither innate, nor is it unchangeable. There are huge differences between the two. However, if all you are doing is using the language of the culture and the idea of people as constituencies, then you end up right where we are, and it is hard to stop that train.

How to glorify God now that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide [James White]

James White Facebook’ed this June 22nd:

MPDHow to Glorify God on MPD (Marriage Profanation Day—date to be determined soon).

1) Begin the day with prayer and Bible reading, submitting your mind to the Lordship of Christ.

2) If you are married, pray for your spouse, expressing thanks to God for your marriage, and imploring the Almighty to protect your marriage so that it may be a witness to the world of what God intended.

3) Review the teaching of Jesus on the foundation of marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. Note especially that the Creator Himself established gender, the role of the husband, of the wife, of the father, and the mother, and that the only relationship He will ever bless is one that fits in this paradigm: one man, one woman.

4) Pray for grace to love rebel sinners who will be rejoicing in the profaning of God’s good gifts, for you, too, once hated what is good and loved what is evil. Remember, you have been redeemed from the world, transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, and that all of grace.

5) Pray for the younger generation that has been robbed of transcendent meaning and purpose. Pray for God’s people, those young folks still being called out of the darkness into the light, for they will face a far more difficult world than most of us older followers of Jesus in the United States have ever faced.

6) Do not look backwards and long for the “good ol’ days” when a semblance of moral sanity prevailed by God’s grace in our land. Realize in the midst of judgment we are called to be salt and light.

7) Go out and tell someone Jesus is Lord. Lord over all of life. Lord over creation, Lord over man’s institutions, Lord over all human authorities. Be salt. Be light. The darkness is deepening daily, and that means our light is all that much more necessary. The denizens of the darkness will try to extinguish that light. They cannot.

Also see Mantras Instead of Morals