Radio interview w/ Sam Waldron on “The Regulative Principle & Max Doner on “School Shootings: A Christian Response” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From a recently posted Iron Sharpens Iron Radio from Oct. 5, 2015 with Chris Arnzen:

iron sharpens iron radio header2

Guest #1:
Dr. Sam WaldronSAM WALDRON
Dean of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary on:

Guest #2:
maxdonerMAX DONER
pastor of Sovereign Grace Bible Church of Lebanon, OR on:

2 hour audio:


Al Martin’s 105 Lectures in Pastoral Theology [AUDIO | 8 semesters of material from Trinity Ministerial Academy]

Dr. Albert N. Martin
Dr. Albert N. Martin

Chapel Library:

Pastor Albert N. Martin [pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey for 46 years] regularly taught Pastoral Theology at the Trinity Ministerial Academy in Montville, New Jersey. His lectures, spanning eight semesters of material, have assisted many pastors unable to obtain this type of training through other avenues.

You can find all these lectures in MP3 format below or at this alternative link.

Unit 1: Essential Elements of a Biblical Call

Unit 2: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Ministry:In the Man

Unit 3: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Ministry:In the Message (Part 1)

Unit 4: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Ministry:In the Message (Part 2)

Unit 5: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Ministry:In the Act of Preaching

Unit 6: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Oversight

Unit 7: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Oversight

Unit 8: Essential Elements of Effective Pastoral Oversight

[HT: Scott Brown]

Radio interview w/ Mike Gaydosh on new/revived books [SGCB] & Geoff Thomas on Rom. 8:28 [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From a recently posted Iron Sharpens Iron Radio from June 22, 2016 with Chris Arnzen:

Mike Gaydosh of Solid Ground Christian Books
Mike Gaydosh

“MORE of the BEST of CHRISTIAN BOOKS in Print…OR BACK in Print”
with guest
Founder of


Pastor Geoffrey Thomas
Pastor Geoffrey Thomas

with guest
Author, Conference Speaker, & Pastor Emeritus of

2 hour audio:


David Campbell’s radio interview on his book “Handle That New Call with Care: Accepting or Declining a Call to a New Congregation” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From the recently posted October 1, 2015 Iron Sharpens Iron radio show:

Handle_that_new_call_with_care_2057b726-1abe-42d9-b74b-07d71586df8d_1024x1024Guest #1: DAVID CAMPBELL pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA,
on his book:

Accepting or Declining a Call to a New Congregation…

1 hour audio:


Tom Ascol’s radio interview on “Bringing Maturity to Young, Restless & Reformed” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From the recently posted April 19, 2016 Iron Sharpens Iron radio show:

Pastor Tom Ascol
Pastor Tom Ascol


Executive Director of Founders Ministries
to discuss

Dr. Richard Barcellos interviewed on the Impassibility of God [Theology on the Go Podcast]

place for truth header

Dr. Richard Barcellos
Dr. Richard Barcellos

From the Alliance of Confessing Evangelical‘s Place for Truth’s podcast “Theology on the Go”:

This week on Theology on the Go the topic will be the impassibility of God [Dr. Jonathan Master interviews Dr. Richard C. Barcellos]. This podcast is the third in a series focusing on the doctrine of the Trinity. In light of the recent Trinitarian controversy, Theology on the Go believes that a series like this is an important service to the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, grab that cup of coffee and meet us at the table!

[27 min. mp3]

Tom Chantry’s radio interview on “The Church’s Role in the Moral Collapse of our Society” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

From the recently posted September 22, 2015 Iron Sharpens Iron Radio show:

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

“The CHURCH’s Role in the

of our Society”
with guest


Pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church of Milwaukee, WI

2 hour audio [mp3]:

You can find the articles that spawned this discussion here:

“Regarding America’s moral collapse, I blame us… A very serious reformation is needed” [Tom Chantry | 5-part Series]
“Regarding America’s moral collapse, I blame us… A very serious reformation is needed” [Tom Chantry | 5-part Series]

Richard Barcellos’ radio interview on his book “Better Than the Beginning” [Iron Sharpens Iron]

Barcellos_better_than_the_beginning__73910.1369667072.1280.1280From the recently posted February 23, 2016 Iron Sharpens Iron Radio show (relevant audio begin a little before the 63 minute mark):

Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmdale, CA,
“BETTER THAN THE BEGINNING: Creation in Biblical Perspective”

2 hour audio:

Check out our interviews with the author on this book:



ARBCA 2016 General Assembly audio now online. Feat. Miller, J. Renihan, D. Lindblad, Crosby, Hodgins, Slate, Waters

arbca gaAudio from the 2016 Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) General Assembly [which took place on April 26-28, 2016 at Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois] , is now online:

Devotional John 17:1-5 | Thomas Waters [mp3]:

Redemption Accomplished | Pastor Jerry Slate [mp3]:

A Defense of Confessionalism | Arden Hodgins [mp3]:

A Tale of Two Associations Revisited | James M. Renihan [mp3]:

Devotional John 17:6-19 | Rob Cosby [mp3]:

Propitiation Accomplished | Don Lindblad [mp3]:

Associational Churchmanship: LBC 26:12-15 | James M. Renihan [mp3]:

Devotional John 17:20-26 | John Miller [mp3]:

Jeff Johnson’s two hour radio interview on his book “The Church: Why Bother?” [Iron Sharpens Iron | AUDIO]

the church why bother johnsonFrom the recently posted Feb. 17, 2016 show:

Founder of Free Grace Press &
will address his book:

Two hour audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to your two part interview with the author:



New Book: “The Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists: 1772-1830” by Brandon Smith & Kurt Smith + Radio Interview [ISI]

Gospel Heritage of Georgia Baptists

Who Were They and What Did They Believe?
Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith with Introduction by Tom Nettles

$14.95 (40% Discount!)



TOM NETTLES begins his helpful Introduction with these words: “This present volume highlights the early days of theological witness among Baptists in Georgia. Truly noble were these men, Marshall, Marshall, and Mercer, who grasped the importance of embracing and proclaiming all the truths of God’s revelation to men. Kurt Smith and Brandon Smith have given a clear and vigorous discussion of the early Baptist witness to the gospel in Georgia. That sinners are reconciled to God, are removed from their condition of condemnation, by the mercy and grace of God, apart from any meritorious attainment on the part of man, yea, in spite of the massive accumulations of demerit should sound like good news in the ear of any that truly feels the justice of God’s wrath and anger against him. These humble heroes of truth among Georgia Baptists were concerned that the trust that sinners had was fully directed toward Christ alone with an undiluted sense of their dependence on the divine initiative, continuance, and consummation in their salvation.”

One of the authors, Brandon Smith, was interviewed about this book on Iron Sharpens Iron on February 10, 2016. The relevant audio is the first 60 minutes of the audio [mp3]:

You may also listen to the time when we interviewed Brandon Smith on this topic:


Jeff Johnson’s radio interview on his latest book “The Absurdity of Unbelief” [Iron Sharpens Iron | AUDIO]

absurdity of unbelief

The Iron Sharpen’s Iron Radio Podcast is resuming, and just this week they posted the following interview from Feb. 4, 2016:

JEFFREY D. JOHNSON, Founder of Free Grace Press & Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Conway, AR, will address his book:

2 hour audio:

VIDEO Q&A & Interviews from 2015 SoCal RB Pastors Conf. now online

Though the 2016 Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference main session audio and video have already been posted, the Q&A and some interviews from the occasion were posted earlier today.

SCRBPC 2015 Panel Q&A - YouTube
SCRBPC ’15 Video Playlist

James Dolezal – Q&A [25 min. vid]:

Panel Q&A feat. James Dolezal, James Renihan, Ron Baines, and Sam Renihan [55 min. vid.]:

Sam Renihan interview about his books on Divine Impassibility [14 min. vid.]:

Interview with Dr. James Dolezal [16 min. vid.]:

SoCal RB Pastor’s Conf. ’16 preview with the next speaker, Stefan Lindblad [15 min. vid.]:

Since we didn’t post the 2015 conference audio and video yet, allow us to do that now:

SCRBPC 2015 on SermonAudio

  1. Lecture 1: Foundation of all our Communion with God and Comfortable Dependence… Dr. James M. Renihan
  2. Lecture 2: The State of Theology Proper in Calvinistic Evangelicalism James Dolezal
  3. Lecture 3: Divine Simplicity – The Theological Grammar of Orthodoxy James Dolezal
  4. Lecture 4: Divine Simplicity and its Modern Detractors James Dolezal
  5. Lecture 5: Divine Eternity James Dolezal
  6. Lecture 6: The Trinity James Dolezal

SCRBPC 2015 on Youtube

Click playlist button in top left corner to see all the videos, including interviews.

AERBQ 2016 General Assembly AUDIO: “Perseverance in a Post-Modern World” feat. Bob Selp

Last week the 10th General Assembly of the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of Quebec was held in Acton-Vale, Québec, Canada.


Pastor Bob Selph

For the occasion, Pastor Bob Selph brought three messages of exhortation on the zeal, perseverance and evangelization in this culture.


Follow our general meetings via: VideoiTunesFeedDownload all mp3s

1. Persevering with passion in a post-modern world [mp3]

2. If I’ve lost it [zeal]… How do I get it back?? [mp3]

3. Christ’s love for sinners [mp3]