Book Giveaway: “Spurgeon’s Sorrow” 2 Paperbacks

As promised on our last Dunker Bunker, we are giving away two paperback copies of “Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for Those who Suffer from Depression” by Zack Eswine.

Spurgeon Sorrow
Listen to our podcast interview with the author for your chance to win


Listen to our podcast interview with the author then enter for free from today through this Wednesday (March 11, 2015) at midnight. Continental U.S. only:

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2 Replies to “Book Giveaway: “Spurgeon’s Sorrow” 2 Paperbacks”

  1. Spurgeon was a big fellow who smoked a lot. I can’t help but wonder if his depression would have been as bad had he taken better care of his health? Puffing on cancer sticks doesn’t exactly do the body good.

    1. Cigarettes are cancer sticks. There’s a world of difference between a cigar and a cigarette. The latter is the devil’s perversion of tobacco, as a Lutheran author once wrote. Point taken, nonetheless.

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