w00t! Introducing Our New Podcast + A Book Giveaway!

The Confessing Baptist Podcast

We are excited to announce to you the inaugural episode of The Confessing Baptist Podcast!

Today we explain why we made ConfessingBaptist.com and this podcast, followed up by the background of the three main guys behind this.

After that, we talk about some Reformed Baptist news and give you a preview of next week’s episode featuring Pascal Denault on his new book “The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology”.

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1689 gift editionTo celebrate our new podcast we’d like to give you some free stuff.  To be entered for a change to win one of the new Baptist Confession of Faith 1689 (Pocket Puritans Gift Editions) please answer the following questions in the comments below… each correct answer gives you another chance to win:

  1. List all the ways we described Baptist (two examples being, “Reformed Baptist” & “Confessing Baptist”)
  2. How many episodes do we have planned for Pascal Denault to talk about his new book, “Disctinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology?”
  3. What band is all the music from the podcast from? (bonus entry: what genre be describes them?)

Extra bonus entry for sharing this on any social network (then in the comments below, let us know if you shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Entries accepted until Friday (April 12, 2013) @ midnight CST


Articles Mentioned:

  1. “What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an” by James White [New Book + Audio Interview]
  2. Andrew Fuller and the Evangelical Renewal of Pastoral Theology
  3. New Book: “Better Than The Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective” By Richard Barcellos
  4. 1689 London Confession App for Android
  5. Spurgeon’s “Puritan Catechism” App for Android
  6. Who Speaks for Reformed Baptists (Part 2)
  7. T. David Gordon – Preaching In A Digital Culture
  8. Michael Horton & Jeff Johnson Debate Covenant Theology



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Stay tuned next week as we have some more book giveaways that are sure to get any Reformed Baptist excited! :)

19 Replies to “w00t! Introducing Our New Podcast + A Book Giveaway!”

  1. Hey guys,

    Shared this on my Facebook timeline, the CredoCovenant Facebook page, and the CredoCovenant website. The theme music is math rock, but I don’t know the band. And you plan on doing two episodes with Denault. If my math is correct, that’s five entries. :-)

  2. Thanks guys. I enjoyed it. Looking forward for more podcasts to come. Sooner or later you need to interview Albert N Martin.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mike Waters
    Heritage RBC

    1. Yes, I would love to get to interview him. My pastor goes up to the conference at his church every year, so if I don’t make it this year I’ll get my pastor to do an interview.

  3. The podcast does not show any episodes when I subscribe via iTunes or the iOS Podcast app. It does work with Soundcloud though. Any ideas?

    1. Ya, I realize there are some downfalls to SoundCloud in this regard. They can’t give me a TRUE RSS (or Podcast Feed). They allow this for beta-testers and I have tried for weeks to get on but it seems to no avail. I may have to move how we put out the podcast, but I will post about that if it happens. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. My parents live in Keller, TX and I see that you guys are from the same general area. They’re leaving their current church and have asked me for recommendations nearby since we aren’t too far away either, and I want to make sure I point them in the right direction (but they’re too far from our church). Where do you guys go to church or do you have any recommendations? I’m concerned about some of the teaching they’ve been getting and I would love to be able to point them to a biblical church in the community they’re already a part of. Thanks!

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