Blunted Joy [J. Stephen Yuille]

Stephen Yuille @ Deus Pro Nobis writes:
“But those who turn aside to their crooked ways the LORD will lead away with evildoers!” (Ps. 125:5).


Peering down the corridors of time, the psalmist sees a day of reckoning for “evildoers.” What will happen to them? In a word, “the LORD will lead them away.”


For starters, that means they’ll lose whatever is pleasing and satisfying in this life—all that provides a little happiness. They’ll lose their possessions, families, and friends. They’ll also lose all their hopes, comforts, and delights. But far eclipsing these material losses, they’ll lose God—the only source of true happiness. This is the loss of all losses. It’s a loss that no words can describe—that no mind can conceive. Those whom God will lead away will become the object of His wrath, as He hides his compassion and tenderness. How terrifying will it be to fall into the hands of God with nothing but the soul to bear His infinite anger!


Regrettably, some of us are inoculated against the reality of hell. It doesn’t affect us like it should. For over thirty years, I lived within a two-hour drive of Niagara Falls. Apparently, more than twelve million tourists visit Niagara Falls each year. To be honest, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Why’s that? Proximity and familiarity have dulled my sense of amazement. Sadly, the same thing can happen to our appreciation of the things of God. We’ve heard about our sin so many times that it no longer breaks our hearts. We’ve heard about Christ’s atonement so many times that it no longer warms our hearts. We’ve heard about God’s mercy so many times that it no longer melts our hearts. Or, in the present context, we’ve heard about hell so many times that it no longer overwhelms our hearts.
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