Better Than The Beginning: Snippets & Reviews From Around The Web

better then the beginning coverOne of the questions we asked Richard Barcellos, on our most recent podcast, he had already answered via adapting a portion from his book:

On his church site, he also posted the last chapter from his book:

Another question we asked, he adapted from his book for a blog:

Even John Owen says the end is better than the beginning:

Another two paragraphs from his book:

Fernando Ramirez, from Reformed For His Glory, review of the book:

And a portion of Christ being the Israel of God:

Bill Brown, at the Spurgeon Blog, review of the book:

Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God become man, is God’s remedy for Adam’s failure. Jesus Christ takes His seed where Adam failed to take his. Salvation in Christ is better than creation in the image of God and citizenship in the garden of Eden. God does not place believers in Christ back at the starting line in the same position in which Adam was created. He grants irrevocable, eternal life based on the doing and dying of Jesus to all who believe the gospel. The end is the beginning glorified. It is better than the beginning. Christ takes all sinners who believe the gospel to His land, His eschatological temple, His paradise–the new heavens and the new earth, wherein dwells only righteousness. Praise God–Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!


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