Begin to Read the Church Fathers: Reading List & Podcast [Michael Haykin | AUDIO]

From the Center for Ancient Christian Studies:

Michael A.G. Haykin
Michael A.G. Haykin

…After sharing his story of how he came to study Patristics at Wycliffe College in Toronto, he fields a number of questions regarding the how and why of early church study. Below is a summary of Dr. Haykin’s thoughts which the aspiring scholar might find invaluable.

Why study the fathers no matter what field you are in?

As Christians we are united to believers across time based upon the teachings of Christ and the apostles. We believe in a Catholic Christianity. The Trinitarian and Christological thought of the earliest theologians available to us through their writings are the bedrock of our faith.

Where do I start if I am interested in becoming more familiar with the church fathers?

Here are some good places to start. Also, you can view Dr. Haykin’s Reading Plan for the Latin Fathers.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources

Is there work still to be done in the church fathers?

Absolutely! There remain unexhausted topics even within the major historical figures. Dr. Haykin believes the area of reception history in certain ancient theologians could benefit from more attention.

Dr. Michael Haykin – Why Read the Church Fathers (audio)

Podcast [mp3]

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