“Baptists & War” AUDIO from the 2011 Andrew Fuller Center Conf. [18 MP3s] + more

The new book Baptists & War: Essays on Baptists & Military Conflict, 1640s-1990s, that we let you know about last week, is a collection of essays which were originally delivered at the 2011 annual conference of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. You can find that audio to that conference below:

baptist and war2



September 26–27, 2011


Anthony Cross, “Baptists and Peace:  An Overview” (MP3):

Larry Kreitzer, “The ‘Valiant Old Lady’:  The Story of the Eighth Whelp (1628-46) and Her Baptist Chaplain John Pendarves”(MP3):

Keith Harper, “Baptists During the Period of the American Revolution” (MP3):

Paul Brewster, “Andrew Fuller and the War against Napolean”(MP3):

George Rable, “Was the American Civil War a Holy War?” (MP3):

Panel Discussion with George Rable, James Fuller, Tom Nettles, and Greg Wills, “Interpreting the American Civil War” (MP3):

James Robertson, “American and Canadian Baptists and the War of 1812″ (MP3):

Robert Linder, “Australian Baptists and World War II” (MP3):

Maurice Dowling, “Russian Baptists and the Cold War” (MP3):

Nathan Finn, “The Vietnam War and Baptist Witness” (MP3):


Phillip Bethancourt, “Christ the Warrior King and the Conquest:  Understanding the Canaanite Genocide in Light of a Biblical Theology of Warfare” (MP3):

Josh Carmichael, “National Judgements and Mercies, A Call to Repentance, Prayer and Fasting:  The War Hymns of Anne Steele”(MP3):

Roger Duke, “The Baptist Chaplain in Times of War” (MP3):

Joe Harrod, “The French and Indian War: A Presbyterian Perspective” (MP3):

Gord Heath, “Canadian Baptists and the 19th Century Wars of the British Empire” (MP3):

Tony Mattia, “Being A Chaplain in the American Civil War” (MP3):

Chad Mauldin, “Violence and the Cross:  Fullerism’s Answer to Contemporary Attacks on Substitutionary Atonement” (MP3):

Cody McNutt, “Robert Hall, Jr.:  Political Preaching and the Making of a Cultural Celebrity” (MP3):

[source: AFCBS]



The September [2011] issue of “Towers” [SBTS’s monthly publication] is now online and in stands. SBTS professors Mark Coppenger and Michael A.G. Haykin help readers toward a clearer understanding of the often convoluted and always complex issue of Christians engaging in warfare (page 12). Coppenger also offers a brief summary of just-war theory (page 13)…


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