Free E-Book Friday: Baptism in its Mode and Subjects by Alexander Carson [PDF]

Last week we featured the Journal of Baptist Studies by Baptist Studies Online from California Baptist University. Volume 6 (2014) of the Journal featured an article by Ian Clary on Alexander Carson, a former Irish Presbyterian converted to Credobaptism. I was surprised to find we hadn’t yet featured Dr. Carson in our “Free E-Book Friday”.

Therefore, please enjoy, via and Princeton Theological Seminary Library, “Baptism in its Modes and Subjects” by Alexander Carson, LL.D., Minister of the Gospel, With a Sketch of His Life, published in Philadelphia by the American Baptist Publication Society, 1855, Fifth American Edition.

The book contains:

  • Memoir

    “Vigorous efforts were now made by the Presbyterians to dispossess him (Dr. Carson) of the meeting-house. A party was organized, whose business it should be to eject him by force. While he was preaching, on a Lord’s day, to a large congregation, they entered, and announced their intention of thrusting him from the pulpit. He quieted the rising tumult, and requesting the intruders to wait until the close of his discourse, assured them that he would then voluntarily retire. They accepted the proposal, and remained. After the services were concluded, as he descended from the pulpit, and was passing out, one of his deacons lifted the Bible from the desk, swung it upon his shoulder, and taking up his march in the rear of his pastor, exclaimed, ” let all who wish to follow the Bible come this way.”” The house was instantly emptied. A vast mass congregated in a green field near by ; and there, guided by the Bible, as by a Shekinah of glory, a little band, sixteen in number, partook, with hearts joyful amid their tribulations, of the emblems of their Redeemer’s love. This was the feeble beginning of greater things — the chrysalis from which was to spring a glorious gospel church, walking in the ordinances of Christ blameless, and pouring a flood of light upon the surrounding region.”

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Burden of Proof
  • Chapter 2: The Mode of Baptism (17 Sections)
  • Chapter 3: The Subjects of Baptism (3 Sections)
  • Nine Chapters of Replies to various Paedobaptists


See also Ian Clary’s paper delivered at the 2009 Andrew Fuller Conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, “Alexander Carson—‘Jonathan Edwards of the Nineteenth Century’

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