ARBCA Pastors’ Favorite Books


At the 2013 General Assembly, the ARBCA Publications Committee asked delegates to list their favorite books. Here are the results of the survey that participants filled out, alphabetically by author’s last name. The numbers in parentheses indicate how many named that particular book, if it was more than one. As you can see, the ARBCA Pastors list of Favorite Books is framed as a set of six questions, all of which consist of specific author and book title recommendations.

1. After the Bible, what are your five all-time favorite books?

Jay Adams
> Christian Counselor’s Manual
> Competent to Counsel
> Theology of Biblical Counseling

Anselm of Canterbury
> Cur Deus Homo

Augustine of Hippo
> The Confessions of Augustine
> The City of God

Richard Barcellos
> In Defense of the Decalogue

John Bavinck
> The Science of Missions

Richard Baxter
> The Saints’ Everlasting Rest

Thomas D. Bernard
> Progress of Doctrine in New Testament

Samuel Bolton
> The True Bounds of Christian Freedom

Andrew Bonar
> Robert Murray M’Cheyne

Horatius Bonar
> Words to Winners of Souls

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
> Life Together

Charles Bridges
> The Christian Ministry (3)

John Bunyan
> The Pilgrim’s Progress (6)

Jeremiah Burroughs
> Gospel Remission
> The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment

John Calvin
> Institutes of Christian Religion

Walt Chantry
> Today’s Gospel (4)

Claude Chavasse
> The Bride of Christ

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis
> Total Church

George B. Cheever
> Lectures on the Pilgrim’s Progress

Faith Cook
> William Grimshaw of Haworth

Pascal Denault
> Distinctives of Baptist Covenant Theology (3)

Philip Doddridge
> Personal Declension and Revival of Religion in the Soul

James Dolezal
> God Without Parts

Jonathan Edwards
> Narrative of Surprising Conversions

Ralph Erskine
> Law-Death, Gospel-Life

Sinclair Ferguson
> The Christian Life

John V. Fesko
> Last Things First

Edward Fisher
> Marrow of Modern Divinity

Peter Jeffrey
> Opening Ephesians

Tim Keller
> The Prodigal God

D. M. Lloyd-Jones
> Authority
> Preaching and Preachers
> Spiritual Depression
> Studies in the Sermon on the Mount

Martin Luther
> The Bondage of the Will

Fred Malone
> The Baptism of Disciples Alone

Cotton Mather
> Magna Carter Americana

Will Metzger
> Tell the Truth

Daryl Hart and Richard Muether
> With Reverence and Awe

Iain Murray
> The Forgotten Spurgeon
> The Puritan Hope
> Revival & Revivalism
> Jonathan Edwards
> The First Forty Years [D. M. Lloyd-Jones]

John Murray
> Redemption Accomplished and Applied (3)

Jim Newheiser
> Opening Proverbs

John Owen
> The Glory of Christ
> Works of John Owen, Vol. 1
> Works of John Owen

Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen
> Covenant Theology: from Adam to Christ (2)

J. I. Packer
> Knowing God (5)

A. W. Pink
> The Sovereignty of God (4)
> Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross

John Piper
> Desiring God

James Renihan
> Edification and Beauty

Herman N. Ridderbos
> The Coming of the Kingdom

J. C. Ryle
> Exposition on the Gospel of John
> Holiness (2)

Henry Scougal
> The Works of Henry Scougal
> The Life of God in the Soul of Man

Gardiner Spring
> Mission of Sorrow

Ichabod Spencer
> A Pastor’s Sketches (2)

C. H. Spurgeon
> Early Years; Full Harvest
> The Soul Winner

Paul D. Tripp
> Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

Francis Turretin
> Elenctic Theology

Mark Twain
> The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Geerhardus Vos
> Biblical Theology
> The Kingdom of God and the Church

Thomas Watson
> The Godly Man’s Picture

Paul D. Wegner
> Journey from Texts to Translations

James White
> The Potter’s Freedom


2. What is your all-time favorite Systematic Theology?

Herman Bavinck
> Reformed Dogmatics (3)

Louis Berkhof
> Systematic Theology (3)

James P. Boyce
> Abstract of Theology

John Calvin
> The Institutes of Christian Religion

Charles Hodge
> Hodge’s Systematic Theology (3 vol.)

A. A. Hodge
> Outlines of Theology

Richard Mueller
> Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics

Francis Turretin
> Elenctic Theology


3. What is your all-time favorite biography?

Courtney Anderson
> To the Golden Shore: Adoniram Judson

Roland Bainton
> Here I Stand [Luther]

Andrew Bonar
> Robert Murray M’Cheyne (2)

Arnold Dalimore
> George Whitefield

Eric Metaxes
> Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Iain Murray
> The Fight of Faith [D. M. Lloyd-Jones]
> Jonathan Edwards (4)
> The First Forty Years [D. M. Lloyd-Jones] (3)

Geoffrey Thomas
> Earnest Reisinger (2)

Luke Tyerman
> George Whitefield

Geerhardus Vos
> The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom and the Church


4. What one book would you give to a new pastor?

Jay E. Adams
> Competent to Counsel

Tom Ascol, editor
> Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry

Charles Bridges
> The Christian Ministry (4)

John Carrick
> The Imperative of Preaching

Walt Chantry
> Today’s Gospel

Arnold Dalimore
> Life of George Whitefield

D. M. Lloyd-Jones
> Preaching and Preachers
> Spiritual Depression

Iain Murray
> The Forgotten Spurgeon

J. C. Ryle
> Simplicity in Preaching

Ichabod Spencer
> A Pastor’s Sketches

C. H. Spurgeon
> An All-Around Ministry


5. What one book would you give to one who is wrestling with the call to the ministry?

Iain Murray
> The First Forty Years [D. M. Lloyd-Jones]

Dave Harvey
> Am I Called? (3)

Edmund P. Clowney
> Called to the Ministry (5)

Charles Bridges
> The Christian Ministry (2)

Charles H. Spurgeon
> Lectures to My Students

Richard Baxter
> The Reformed Pastor


6. What books you would like to see republished?

Hercules Collins
> Orthodox Catechism

Nehemiah Coxe
> Vindiciae Veratatis
> Sermon preached at ordination of an elder and deacon

Benjamin Keach
> The Display of Glorious Grace


Edward Hutchinson
> A Treatise Concerning the Covenant and Baptism (With Two Appendices)

John Spilsbury
> A Treatise Concerning the Lawful Subject of Baptism

Charles Spurgeon

> The Everlasting Gospel of the Old and New Testaments


Spurgeon Book Bible

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