The Confessing Baptist Cake

Apr. 2014 Week 2 Headlines from the Dunker Bunker Birthday Edition [Weekly Audio Headlines]

Confessing Baptist Cake



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– June 19-21, 2014 Reformation Montana “The Family” [Conference] in Billings, MT. feat. Voddie Baucham, JD Hall + more
Reformation Montana

– July 31, 2014 “A Noble Task” webinar with Barry King on church planting / ministry in England & Wales [Grace Baptist Partnership]

– AFCBS Annual Conference: October 21-22, 2014 “George Whitefield and the Great Awakening” in Louisville, KY feat. Tommy Kidd, Stephen Nichols, and Steve Lawson

– Nov. 3–4, 2014 SoCal RB Pastors Conference “The Doctrine of Scripture” in La Mirada, CA. feat. Carl Trueman, James Renihan, Barcellos


– Sam Renihan’s Intro to “An Orthodox Catechism” [Audio+PowerPoint PDF]

– Free E-Book Friday: A Sermon on Christian Baptism [Adoniram Judson]

– Reforming a Local Church [Ernie Reisinger] + PDF Booklet

– How you can help contribute to an upcoming tribute book for Pastor Al Martin
Al Martin Tribute


– “If Jesus never called himself God, how did he become one?” asks Dr. Bart Ehrman, James White chimes in [Audio | Video]


– Michael Haykin’s Interview on the Early Church [Audio]

– Baptism: A Means Of Grace [Roundup]

– Interview #49 – John Giarrizzo – 2014 ARBCA General Assembly


– An Adorable Mystery by James Dolezal & Herman Bavinck

– CredoCovenant Fellowship Episode 10 with Billy Leonhart and JD Warren “How To Read a Book”

– Redeemer Radio interviews Dr. Barcellos about Creation [part 1 & 2]

– Charles Spuregon, “The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant”



– Ref21 giving away several copies of Jeremy Walker’s The New Calvinism Considered

– 99¢/£0.37 [Kindle] Adoniram Judson (Studies in Baptist Life & Thought) by Jason G. Duesing

Adoniram Judson Deusing99¢ | £0.37 ]

– Happy Birthday to US! Here’s some free books for YOU! [Giveaway]

Books we are giving away!
Books we are giving away!
  • Mark N.

    I’m confused about the Reformed Baptist = no ordination comment? Weren’t Keach, Fuller, J. Newton Brown, etc. all ordained? Also, didn’t Hercules Collins, J. Newton Brown, Walt Chantry, Al Martin, etc. perform ordination services?

    • Jason Delgado

      Yes, they were ordained as elders/pastors not mere “Reformed Baptist”.

      • Mark N.

        Hmm. Wouldn’t “ordained Reformed Baptist” simply mean a Reformed Baptist who is ordained?

        • Jason Delgado

          Ha, yes…we know what they mean. We were just joking and being nitpicky for fun. We’ve just never heard it put that exact way.

          • Mark N.

            Ordained aS RBs at Baptism :)

        • Jason Delgado

          Saying “ordained Reformed Baptist” makes more sense than how they worded it which was, “ordained as a Reformed Baptist” (oh really,… what kind of Reformed Baptist… a deacon,… a elder,… just ordained as a RB?) ;P

  • Mark N.

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  • Patrick T. McWilliams

    I am not a Ginger!

    • Javier Hernandez

      Yes you are!!!

      • Jason Delgado

        Watch it Javy… you don’t want him to snap…

      • Patrick T. McWilliams

        …But I’m really not! I do, however, easily sunburn. And I like Gingersnap cookies. And gingerbread. But that’s about the extent of it.