Confessing Baptist Cake

Apr. 2014 Week 2 Headlines from the Dunker Bunker Birthday Edition [Weekly Audio Headlines]

Confessing Baptist Cake



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– June 19-21, 2014 Reformation Montana “The Family” [Conference] in Billings, MT. feat. Voddie Baucham, JD Hall + more
Reformation Montana

– July 31, 2014 “A Noble Task” webinar with Barry King on church planting / ministry in England & Wales [Grace Baptist Partnership]

– AFCBS Annual Conference: October 21-22, 2014 “George Whitefield and the Great Awakening” in Louisville, KY feat. Tommy Kidd, Stephen Nichols, and Steve Lawson

– Nov. 3–4, 2014 SoCal RB Pastors Conference “The Doctrine of Scripture” in La Mirada, CA. feat. Carl Trueman, James Renihan, Barcellos


– Sam Renihan’s Intro to “An Orthodox Catechism” [Audio+PowerPoint PDF]

– Free E-Book Friday: A Sermon on Christian Baptism [Adoniram Judson]

– Reforming a Local Church [Ernie Reisinger] + PDF Booklet

– How you can help contribute to an upcoming tribute book for Pastor Al Martin
Al Martin Tribute


“If Jesus never called himself God, how did he become one?” asks Dr. Bart Ehrman, James White chimes in [Audio | Video]


Michael Haykin’s Interview on the Early Church [Audio]

– Baptism: A Means Of Grace [Roundup]

– Interview #49 – John Giarrizzo – 2014 ARBCA General Assembly


– An Adorable Mystery by James Dolezal & Herman Bavinck

– CredoCovenant Fellowship Episode 10 with Billy Leonhart and JD Warren “How To Read a Book”

– Redeemer Radio interviews Dr. Barcellos about Creation [part 1 & 2]

– Charles Spuregon, “The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant”

- + MORE


– Ref21 giving away several copies of Jeremy Walker’s The New Calvinism Considered

99¢/£0.37 [Kindle] Adoniram Judson (Studies in Baptist Life & Thought) by Jason G. Duesing

Adoniram Judson Deusing99¢ | £0.37 ]

– Happy Birthday to US! Here’s some free books for YOU! [Giveaway]

Books we are giving away!
Books we are giving away!
  • Mark N.

    I’m confused about the Reformed Baptist = no ordination comment? Weren’t Keach, Fuller, J. Newton Brown, etc. all ordained? Also, didn’t Hercules Collins, J. Newton Brown, Walt Chantry, Al Martin, etc. perform ordination services?

    • Jason Delgado

      Yes, they were ordained as elders/pastors not mere “Reformed Baptist”.

      • Mark N.

        Hmm. Wouldn’t “ordained Reformed Baptist” simply mean a Reformed Baptist who is ordained?

        • Jason Delgado

          Ha, yes…we know what they mean. We were just joking and being nitpicky for fun. We’ve just never heard it put that exact way.

          • Mark N.

            Ordained aS RBs at Baptism :)

        • Jason Delgado

          Saying “ordained Reformed Baptist” makes more sense than how they worded it which was, “ordained as a Reformed Baptist” (oh really,… what kind of Reformed Baptist… a deacon,… a elder,… just ordained as a RB?) ;P

  • Mark N.

    Oh, and happy birthday!

  • Patrick T. McWilliams

    I am not a Ginger!

    • Javier Hernandez

      Yes you are!!!

      • Jason Delgado

        Watch it Javy… you don’t want him to snap…

      • Patrick T. McWilliams

        …But I’m really not! I do, however, easily sunburn. And I like Gingersnap cookies. And gingerbread. But that’s about the extent of it.