An Open Letter to the Abortive Mother [Tom Chantry]

Pastor Tom Chantry:

babyTo the Abortive Mother:

I’m sure that you, like everyone else in America, recognizes that we may well be in the midst of a sea change on the issue of abortion. A few years ago, when Kermit Gosnell (a rather typical inner city abortionist) was tried and sentenced, the true nature of the abortion industry began to leak out. Now, due to the stunning revelations of the Center for Medical Progress, the truth is front and center. In spite of the desire of the media to shield you and the rest of us from the truth, in spite of two entertaining primary races, and in spite of a dust-up at congress within the President’s party, there is still a great deal of light shining on the behind-the-scenes activities of Planned Parenthood. Both sides are quick to sing the party line, but I’ve been wondering how to talk to you.

Many in America have attempted to ignore the ugly details, but you, of all people, cannot afford to do that. One of the terrible revelations of the last few weeks has been that Planned Parenthood regularly misleads those who come into their clinics. You may have been told a story about curing cancer, and even if you refused to donate “tissue” the remains of your baby may have been taken and sold. It turns out no one was concerned with your dignity and privacy, and that the comforting words were all a façade. You, of all of us, need to look this scandal squarely in the face and acknowledge what has been done to you.

Pastor Tom Chantry
Pastor Tom Chantry

That is because in one sense you are among the victims of the cruel corporation which receives half a billion dollars of our state and federal funds every year in order to perpetrate this monstrosity on us. But in another sense, and I know I am telling you something you already recognize, most of you are not really victims. You were not pinned down by a secret criminal enterprise and forced to “donate” specimens; instead you, a person with free will and a conscience, chose this path. That is the real reason it is so difficult to know how to address you.

Now I understand that “abortive mother” is a diverse group. For starters, there are about 58,000,000 of you. You could hardly fit into one simple category. A few of you believe you did a good thing. Others have doubts, even if you put on a brave face to the world. Others have deep regrets. Some are depressed, some convicted. Some have come to have peace with what you now believe was a very poor decision. Some of you are my sisters in Christ – saved for exactly the same reason as myself: because Jesus saves sinners like me whose souls are home to unspeakable evil and who sometimes act on it.

I understand this diversity, and so I ask your patience: hear me out. I may not appear to speak to where you are – and how can I hope to do so for so many people? But what I have to say applies, I believe, to every one of you.

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5 Replies to “An Open Letter to the Abortive Mother [Tom Chantry]”

  1. Is the mother seeking an abortion going to be looking for letters like this online, or rather is the most likely voice they’re going to hear be the one of the people sharing the gospel outside of a clinic when she goes there? I know of a handful of people who dutifully and lovingly share the gospel outside of clinics but their numbers are so few in a city with so many christian churches.

    1. Johnny,

      Please note, my letter is not written to the potential abortive mother. It is not intended to stop an abortion.

      The point you make about reaching out to those on the verge of this awful step is a good one. I actually baptized a young woman who was led to Christ by the very gospel witness you describe, and the child who was spared that day is growing up among my own kids’ friends, so I do not doubt for a moment the value and importance of that outreach.

      This letter is something else altogether. It is addressed to the woman who has already aborted her baby, and who is, perhaps, just now finding out what that means. There are tens of millions such people around us, and the church needs to figure out how to speak to them, also.

      Understand, too, the point of an open letter. By its very nature it is written for everyone to read. There is an understanding that a blog’s regular readership is who is actually reading. The point is to illustrate how we might talk to such people. I guess that I have some (or will have some) in my church, and that you will also. How do we apply the law and gospel to them?

      We need to avoid the mistake of playing one priority off of another. A number of commenters attacked my blog (far more stridently than you did) in order to push unrelated agendas (adoption, crisis centers, etc.) and I simply let those comments disappear into the ether. I am entirely with you on the importance of reaching out to the young mother in crisis. I am only observing that we (the church) have a remarkable opportunity right now, and not only to do something about future abortions. A necessary side effect of the CMP videos will be tender consciences among some of the tens of millions who have already taken this terrible step. Let’s figure out how to talk to them.

      1. Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the additional clarification of the intent of your letter. I’m praying that the church can take stronger steps against abortion, not just from an armchair perspective, but with love actively embrace those who have gone through this procedure, or who are giving it consideration.

        1. I suppose that I know of too many churches and pastors to assume that this isn’t happening… and it is happening just from people getting to know their neighbors, coworkers, etc. and doing it when the situation arises. Just cause there isn’t specific “ministry” at the church for it doesn’t mean the people don’t do anything about it. Though I do know many churches have have a group from their church that does do specific things like you say in a more formal way.

          Guess I’m just encouraging you to not assume the worst and know that if there isn’t a “formal” ministry for something it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening informally, if you will. :)

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