Adoniram Judson, Credobaptism, Andrew Fuller & Serampore

Evan D. Burns, at Gospel Worthy,  writes:

On his voyage to India, Adoniram Judson became convinced of the biblical doctrine of credobaptism, and he forsook his Congregationalist missionary society and turned to the American Baptists for help.  They were not initially prepared to oversee and care for the Judson’s in Burma, so Rev. Daniel Sharp, of Boston, first wrote back to Judson expressing their interest in supporting Judson and his wife, Ann, but also expressing their inability to do so at the time.  So, Sharp recommended the Judson’s serve with the English Baptist missionaries in Serampore.  Here is Sharp’s reply to Judson on May 6, 1813…

Here is Sharp’s letter to Andrew Fuller mentioned above as written on March 5, 1813…

Read these letters here.

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