We were following about 20 to 30 Reformed Baptist blogs [now nearly 200!], Facebook groups, etc. around the web and knew we had some Reformed Baptist brethren that may not be that tech savvy. So, we created “The Confessing Baptist” to be your one-stop shop for all things Reformed Baptist.

The site was created and is currently maintained by three four ordinary fellas who subscribe to the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. We saw there was plenty of sites for evangelicalism as a whole, Reformed in general, and Reformed paedo-baptist, but nothing for us. Thus, this site.

You can hear our testimonies and learn more about us and this site on our inaugural podcast.


The Ordinary Fellas:

junior and waldron and

Enrique Durán, Jr. aka “Junior” aka “Bigg Dippa”

Transcriber of Hercules Collins’ “An Orthodox Catechism“; Disc Golf Amateur; Munchkin Player, Chess Novice, former U.S. Marine; and INTJ.

Likes: Analytics, Charts, Data, Reformed Confessions & Catechisms, Fresh-Roasted Coffee in a French Press, McClelland Tobaccos in Wallenstein Pipes, Wet Shaving with Proraso, Booster, and HTGAM.

Javier Javy Hernandez with Wife

Javier Hernandez

Resting and receiving the work of Christ outside of me, for me | sola gratia | android fanboy

I love ‘ness <3, Sweet Tea, Mexican Food, and Texas BBQ in that order.


DelgadoJason Delgado

Husband, father of five, and elder at Sovereign Joy.

Enjoys: serving the church, theology, Baptist history, RPGs, playing disc golf and soccer.

Familia Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | SoundCloud

Added 07/10/2013:


Patrick McWilliams

Son of John & Susan | Adopted by God | Husband of Mackenzee | Father of Molly & Jude | Saved by Grace | Disciple of Christ

Likes: Reading, Notebooks, Covenant Theology, Star Trek, Pipe-smoking, and Chess

Favorite Word: Axiom



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