A Word of Practical Advice to New Bi-Vocational Pastors [Robert Truelove]

Pastor Robert Truelove
Pastor Robert Truelove

Robert Truelove:

I’ve been bi-vocational for some time and I wish I had something positive to say about it. The reality is, you’re going to be put into impossible situations where you can’t possibly see to the needs of the church, your other occupation, and your family at the same time…

bivocational_mWhat I am saying is…it is going to be HARD, especially as the years roll by and the bi-vocational situation remains. My advice is, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTIN INTO! Discuss these matters with your wife. Lead hr and pray that God grant her commitment to this as well as yourself. You are going to need her understanding and support and never forget that she is the most important congregant you need to shepherd. If the burdens become to great for her, it will likely cause you to need to step out of the ministry.

So…my number one bit of practical advice to the bi-vocational pastor, love your wife fervently, and lead her into the joys of Christ…

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