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Here is my print for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration. It's called “Making Friends” and shows kiddo Rey gathering the materials for her little buddy… Good ol' Captain Dosmit Ræh. I REALLY got attached to the little glimpse we see of the doll in Force Awakens because it's Rey's friend in what was likely a lonely time for her on Jakku. I also wanted to show a young Rey as resourceful, determined, crafty, and [...]

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Today (Monday 21st August), the remains of Erroll Hulse, a dear friend and elder statesman in the Reformed faith, will be interred in Cuckfield, England. My mind is, therefore, very much in that part of the world as the sun comes up here in the heart of Africa. I wish I could be there to witness the ending of an era.

For those of you who do not know Erroll Hulse, here is what I [...]

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2017 Reformed Baptist Conference Registration is Open [...]
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The funerals have taken place already this week of two men of God, Erroll Hulse and Peter Jeffery. Erroll was born in South Africa in 1931 and Peter in South Wales in 1937. Both were pastors, both served in various churches over the years and both had extensive ministries when those pastorates came to an end. Both were authors too. Erroll's books and booklets are in double figures, Peter's number more than fifty. Both [...]
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