40 min. Reformation Preaching Conf. 2015 promo video explains the Doctrines of Grace feat. Waldron, Brown Jr., Hernandez, Zachariades + more

James Brown Jr.:

Pastor James Brown Jr.
Pastor James Brown Jr.

We are pleased to announce the release of RP15’s promotional video for the conference this October 9-10. RP15 is a free conference on the Doctrines of Grace with many of the leader pastors and scholars of our day. Registration is required so we can be better prepared to serve you this October. Please register today!

Here is the 40 minute video:

It covers the following:

  • 00:00 Short RP15 Promotional Video
  • 05:37 The Sovereignty of God / Doctrines of Grace
  • 07:40 The Fall of Man / Total Depravity
  • 11:53 The Value of the Doctrines of Grace
  • 17:50 What is Calvinism?
  • 21:58 The Theology of Calvinism
  • 28:08 Practical Calvinism / Perseverance of the Saints
  • 32:14 Calvinism and Worship
  • 33:05 Calvinism and Evangelism
  • 35:42 Calvinism and the Consummation

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reformation preaching conf 2015

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