2014 Keach Conference AUDIO now online: “Of Christ the Mediator [1689]” feat. Savastio & Blackburn



We are continuing our ongoing series through the Second London Baptist Confession. This year we are on Chapter Eight “Of Christ the Mediator.”

Pastor Jeff Riddle:

The audio for the 2014 Keach Conference on the theme “Of Christ the Mediator” (Chapter Eight, 2LBCF 1689) has been posted

Here also are a few memorable quotes from the messages which I jotted down in my notes (see the recordings for exact citations):

JS: The question is not, “Is he worth it?”, but, “Is he worthy?”

EB: The Second London Baptist Confession (1689) was the apex of the Protestant Confessions. All the confessions created after 1689 are considerably weaker.

EB: God may bury his ministers, but he never buries his work!

JS: All of the Bible is about Jesus. A Jewish man once visited Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri Fellowship. Someone there asked if he could read to him a passage from the Bible and proceeded to read aloud Isaiah 53. The Jewish man responded angrily: “You know I’m a Jew, why are you reading to me from the New Testament?” The man who read the passage responded: “But that’s Isaiah, from the Old Testament.” Not long after hearing this passage read, the Jewish man was converted and eventually became a Presbyterian minister.


Session I (Friday evening, September 26, 2014):

Jim Savastio: The Glory of the Mediator (Luke 1:30-35) [mp3]:

Earl Blackburn: The Exclusivity of Christ (John 3;22-36) [mp3]:

Session II (Saturday morning, September 27, 2014):

Earl Blackburn: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life and Ministry of Christ the Mediator (John 3:34) [mp3]:

Jim Savastio: The Preeminence of the Mediator (Luke 24:44) [mp3]:

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