2004 Alpha & Omega Nat. Conf. ‘The New Challenges to Justification’ VIDEOS now online. Feat. James White, Tom Ascol, Steve Camp & more + Debate with Doug Wilson


Below are all the videos from the 2004 Alpha & Omega National Conference “The New Challenges to Justification” which took place in Los Angeles, CA.


Phil Johnson | A New Perspective on Paul? | 51:41

Phil Johnson reviews the book by NT Wright titled ‘What Saint Paul Really Said.’

David King | Justification and The Auburn Avenue Controversy | 1:14:41

“…from a Reformed Presbyterian perspective.”

Tom Ascol | Justification: The Heart of the Gospel | 1:01:43

Steve Camp | Jesus Christ: The Perfect Sacrifice | 1:10:35

Eric Svendsen | The Covenant According to Rome | 42:02

James White | 2 Corinthians 5:21 | 39:09

Debate: Are Roman Catholics Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ? (James White vs Doug Wilson) | 2:49:42

Does Trinitarian baptism join you to the New Covenant? Does it join you to Christ? Does it make you a brother or sister in Christ with everyone else who has likewise been baptized, even if you hold to a false gospel? Are Roman Catholics our brothers and sisters in Christ by baptism, but not by confession of faith? These are the issues debated by Douglas Wilson of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho and James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries.

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