1st volume published in new series “The complete works of Andrew Fuller” ed. by Michael Haykin


complete-works-of-andrew-fullerThe first volume in the series The complete works of Andrew Fuller, ed. by Michael Haykin, has now been published by De Gruyter: Volume 9, Apologetic Works 5, Strictures on Sandemanianism, ed. by Nathan A. Finn.

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was the leading Baptist theologian of his era, though his works are just now being made available in a critical edition. Strictures on Sandemanianism is the fourth volume in The Works of Andrew Fuller. In this treatise, Fuller critiqued Sandemanianism, a form of Restorationism that first emerged in Scotland in the eighteenth century and was influencing the Scotch Baptists of Fuller’s day. Fuller’s biggest concern was the Sandemanian belief that saving faith is merely intellectual assent to the gospel. Fuller believed this “intellectualist” view of faith undermined evangelical spirituality. Strictures on Sandemanianism became a leading evangelical critique of Sandemanian views. This critical edition will introduce scholars to this important work and shed light on evangelical debates about the faith, justification, and sanctification during the latter half of the “long” eighteenth century (ca. 1750 to 1815).


The complete works of Andrew Fuller is a modern critical edition of the entire corpus of Andrew Fuller’s published and unpublished works.


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