17 Free VIDEOS of Sam Waldron’s Eschatology (Last Things) Course: A Comprehensive Historical & Theological Overview [CBTS]


Dr. Sam Waldron
Dr. Sam Waldron

As an amazing gift to the wider Body of Christ, Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary are very kindly and generously making their entire 17 course lectures on eschatology available free of charge online. This course, taught by Dr. Sam Waldron, is outstanding, giving a comprehensive overview of the subject from both an historical and theological perspective. I recommend the series wholeheartedly and pray that God will use it to further the cause of His truth in the midst of much deception in our own day. – Pastor John Samson, King’s Church, Peoria, AZ

The first three lectures cover something of an historical overview of the Church concerning eschatology. This is a very helpful foundation for our understanding. To know that we are engaging in a conversation that has been going on for centuries, gives us a knowledge of the structure of the debate, setting the boundaries for what is and what is not to be regarded as ‘heresy’, as well as a right and appropriate sense of humility as we approach the Scriptures ourselves.


Lecture 1: Eschatology in the Early and Medieval Church | ST27 01

Lecture 2: Eschatology in the Early and Medieval Church (Continued)| ST27 02

Lecture 3: Eschatology in the Reformation and Modern Church (continued)  | ST27 03


Lecture 4: The Two Ages | ST27 04

Lecture 5: The Two Ages (Continued)  | ST27 05

Lecture 6: The General Judgment | ST27 06

Lecture 7: The Eschatological Kingdom | ST27 07

Lecture 8: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 08

Lecture 9: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 09

Lecture 10: The Eschatological Kingdom (Continued) | ST27 10


Lecture 11: The Intermediate State | ST27 11

Lecture 12: Sheol, Hades, and Hell | ST27 12

Lecture 13: The Earthly Prospects & Church/Israel Distinction | ST27 13

Lecture 14: The Imminent Return / Pre-Tribulationism | ST27 14

Lecture 15: Hyper-Preterism | ST27 15

Lecture 16: The Final Change & The Eternal State—The Doctrine of Eternal Punishment | ST27 16

Lecture 17: The Doctrine of the Redeemed Earth | ST27 17

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